How to Make an Appointment at Lava Car Wash

Lava Car Wash is a three-minute express carwash located in Nogales, Arizona. The facility is owned by Nogales Property Management, which also operates another carwash nearby. The remodeled carwash uses improved soap and a new process that provides a higher level of cleanliness. It is open 24 hours a day and accepts credit cards. A bonus is that it offers discounts for those who purchase gas.

To make an appointment, call 888-426-4500 and schedule an appointment. Detail appointments are available Monday through Friday only. Wax and hand wash appointments are only available on Saturdays. For details, call ahead to make sure you can get an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online, which makes it easy to schedule a visit. A detailed wash takes approximately 45 minutes. The hand wash and wax appointments are done the same day.

This car wash offers a variety of services. You can schedule an appointment to have a hand wash or detail your car. Waxing and hand washing are available only on Saturdays. There is no wait time for detail appointments. The price is $10 per hour. No appointment is required for hand wash and wax services. The lava car wash has an extensive customer satisfaction guarantee. You can expect your car to be spotless and looking as good as new in no time.

If you would like a detailed wax or hand wash, you can also set up an appointment. A detail appointment is available on Mondays and Fridays only. A hand wash or wax appointment is available on Saturdays. You can also make an appointment for a hand wash or wax. Just make sure to call ahead to schedule an appt. Please keep in mind that appointments are limited, so try to plan ahead. You may find it convenient to make an online appointment so you can be sure to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

You can schedule an appointment to have a detail service performed on your vehicle. You may also book appointments for handwash and wax services on the weekends. Both services take about an hour to complete. It is important to note that you can make an appointment for a detail service on Mondays and Fridays. However, you should note that you can only schedule appointments on Saturdays for handwashing and waxing your car. If you have a special occasion, you can call ahead and make an appointment for a custom detailing.

For detail services, you need to schedule an appointment. The location is located near the intersection of Washington and State Streets. Customers can also walk in during the day. The location is easily accessible and has free parking. It is also convenient for weekend travelers. There are two times every day that you can make appointments to have your car detailed. You can even book online for handwashing and waxing on Saturdays. In case you’re planning to visit the lava car wash on a Saturday, you should contact the business in advance.

While detail appointments are available Monday-Friday, they aren’t available on weekends. The location only offers handwash and wax services on Saturdays. During the week, the business is open until 8pm. After hours, the service is available on Saturdays until 10pm. During peak hours, you should have no trouble getting your car clean and waxed. A lava car wash is a great way to get a fresh shine.

You can also schedule appointments for waxing and detail services. While detailing is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays, handwash and waxing services are available on Saturdays. It is best to make an appointment well in advance. During peak hours, you should be at the location before 11am. This allows you to prepare for the next day. In addition, you should not miss the appointment time. If you want a detailed wash, you should call the store in advance.

How to Make an Appointment at Lava Car Wash
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