How To Make Her Day and Show You Care

Make Her Day

When your significant other is having a tough day, likely all you want to do is to bring a smile to her face. Turn that frown upside down by surprising her with a gesture that is sentimental and sweet. If you know that your sweetie could use a pick-me-up, here are a few ideas that will be sure to brighten her day.


There is nothing quite like the picture-perfect bouquet showing up at your door which is why you should place an order for flower delivery shop Berkeley. Not only will the smell of fresh flowers bring a smile to her face, but the vibrant colors are sure to brighten any day.

Favorite Food

After a long and difficult day at work, the last thing you want to do is cook and clean. If you want to help turn around her bad day, consider stopping by her favorite restaurant on the way home to grab a delectable dish. Not only can you both save time on clean-up, but a comforting and mouthwatering meal will be sure to help.

Time Away From Responsibilities

Another way to help alleviate the tension of a hectic day is to alleviate any responsibilities that she may be worrying about. Take care of the cleaning, dishes and preparing for the next day so that she can unwind. Instead of devoting attention to responsibilities around the house, let her fully relax and decompress from the day.

Spa Treatment

Homes are not always the best place to unwind due to the competing priorities that always tend to sneak in; however, with a few easy steps, you can transform your home into a calming oasis. Set up at-home spa treatments, aromatherapy, calming music and relaxation tools for her and let her stress melt away.

These little surprises can be a sweet gesture to say that you care. While even the smallest of gestures on a stressful day can help the tension and worry of the day melt away, your care and thoughtfulness will be sure to turn her day around.

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How To Make Her Day and Show You Care

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