How to Make Jewelry From Beads in 5 Easy Steps

how to make jewelry from beads

Creative expression is important because it allows people to boost their mood and confidence. Showing who you are through fashion and accessories is also essential to forming connections with others that have similar tastes.

There’s no better way to practice creative mindfulness and express yourself than by creating handmade jewelry. Read on to learn how to make jewelry from beads (and have fun doing it).

1. Decide on a Style

Before you can start your beading project, you need to determine precisely what you’ll be working on. If you want to make a necklace, you’ll need a different amount of beads than you would for a bracelet or earrings. You also may need to alter the size of your beads and tools based on how large you want the product to be.

If you’re unsure what you want to create, look online at the accessories that others are wearing. Check out your favorite celebrity’s wardrobe. Make a Pinterest board of random people who look like you wearing jewelry that you like. You can use these ideas to decide what you want to make.

2. Find Your Beads

Next, it’s time to browse this collection and get some beads that you can use. Using your birthstone is a great way to make your project stand out, but you can choose any precious gem or glass bead style that you like. Natural turquoise may be the December birthstone, but it’s perfect for all fashionistas!

Choose something that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. Consider your personal aesthetic and the colors you tend to wear. Make a piece to match that so you can get the most use out of it.

3. Gather the Right Tools

Once you have your beads, you’ll want to find a band that you can use for your string. Wire tends to work well since you can shape it and easily manipulate it. However, a thick, durable elastic string will also do the trick.

You also should get small pliers, clasps, and crimping beads/tubes. These will help you to construct your piece.

4. Learn About Crimping

Crimping is the process of tying little loops and knots in your string. You use a crimp bead or crimp tube to keep it secure.

You can tighten these knots between the beads to space them out and provide stability for the string. You can also crimp more in some areas than others to create an uneven pattern with cool spacing.

5. Check Lengths and Add Clasps

When you think that you’re finally done beading, check the length of your piece. Make sure that it fits your wrist perfectly or lays at the right place on your collarbone. Be precise- you don’t want to need to undo your work and redo it once it’s complete.

You can then tie it off at the end and add a crimped loop. This is where you’ll attach your clasp and finish the project.

Beyond How to Make Jewelry From Beads

Now that you know how to make jewelry from beads, it’s time to start crafting!

Check out the ‘fashion‘ tab on our home page to learn more about homemade jewelry and the outfits that you can wear it with. You’ll find articles about accessories that you can wear and how you can look trendy when you put them on. Take a look whenever you want a style boost!

How to Make Jewelry From Beads in 5 Easy Steps

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