Top 3 Benefits of Using Patented Track Systems

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Did you know that the United States has the biggest freight rail networks in the world? From monorails to trolleys, patented track systems are often the best choice for rail-bound transportation.

Want to learn more? Check out the top three benefits of using patented track systems below!

1. Flat and Smooth Raised Treads

Thanks to its uniquely flat and smooth raised treads, patented track systems can take on a rolling load while letting metal flow in two different directions. Plus, the convenient design of patented track systems allows loaded wheels to roll more easily as well.

2. Maximum Safety and Strength

Another advantage of using a patented track system is that it offers maximum safety and strength for trolleys and more. That’s because its “high carbon alloy steel rail” is carefully welded together to provide optimum durability for the railways. Not to mention that the extra-safe design of patented track systems offers more rigidity for every ride as well.

3. Uniform Rail Widths

On top of improved strength and safety, patent track systems can also provide uniform rail widths for trains and trolleys too. That means that patented track systems can tolerate a wide variety of carrying capacities and beam depths as well.

As a result, patented track systems don’t only work perfectly for trucks and trolleys, but they also work well with electrification brackets, interlocks, and additional accessories.

Not sure how to find the right patented track systems for you?

The answer is simple: don’t forget to do your research first!

Bonus Benefits of Patented Track Systems

Besides offering uniform rail widths, patented track systems can also increase track life and load-carrying capacity. Plus, the bottom region of most patented track systems is made from a “high carbon billet,” which is connected to a top flange and structural steel webs.

This failproof construction improves how many loads trains can carry while keeping the tracks significantly healthy as well.

Not only this, but patented track systems can also reduce the slow movements that occur when wheels stop rolling suddenly. Besides this, patented track systems help to prevent wear and tear by preventing metal from moving on both or one side of the rail!

Try Out Patented Track Systems Today

Ready to try out patented track systems today?

From increasing the lifespan of overhead cranes to exceptionally easy installation, patented track systems are wonderful for improving the overall strength of rail-bound vehicles.

In addition to this, patented track systems have smooth, raised treads for ultimate convenience as well as maximum strength and safety features. But that’s not all. Patented track systems can also provide uniform rail widths for any freight vehicle, on top of increasing load-carrying capacity and track life.

Curious about making the switch to patented track systems?

We highly recommend that you take patented track systems for a test drive now!

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Top 3 Benefits of Using Patented Track Systems

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