How to Organize the Perfect “Royal Castle” Wedding


Many people grow up dreaming of a Royal wedding, complete with a majestic castle backdrop. These are the weddings the world remembers, after all!

When it’s time for your ideal wedding (or perhaps you’re a wedding planner with quite a challenge on their hands), the idea of taking inspiration from the Royals may seem daunting, so let us help you with some more practical (and affordable) suggestions.

Choosing The Venue

If you’re inspired by Royal palaces, then there are castles available for hire – but you will most certainly be paying a high price for the grandeur. However, an ornate, historic ballroom may provide a more affordable alternative, while also providing that grand, majestic feeling.

Old estates are also a great alternative, as they share the large windows and high ceilings of classically regal function rooms. You can find similar locations at golf clubs and hotels in the countryside. However, as we’ll get to later, it’s really how the venue is decorated which will determine its ultimate appearance.

Like the Royals, you too might choose to have your official ceremony in a church – though you’re less likely to be able to book the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace or Westminster Abbey!

Choosing The Guest List

The guest list is arguably one of the biggest headaches for any wedding, let alone a Royal wedding. What might once have been small gatherings of less than 100 people has turned into an international event; Prince Charles and Princess Diana had 3,500 people in attendance at their wedding, but we don’t expect you to do the same!

What’s important is to focus on family ties. Even in the most modern of Royal weddings, business connections are kept to an absolute minimum. Friends are of course welcome, but it’s the closest family – from both sides – that traditionally have the seats of honour.

Choosing The Details

When it comes to details, let’s start with the most important: flowers. Every flower has a meaning, and Royals choose their bouquet very carefully. Did you know that Kate Middleton’s included myrtle, as is British Royal custom, to symbolise marriage and love? This was accompanied by lily of the valley to represent happiness, hyacinths to evoke the constancy of love, and ivy to signify fidelity, marriage and friendship.

Pick your favourite of these traditional flowers and use them to decorate both the bridge and venue. Pairing this form of decoration with a spacious dining hall will make for a truly impressive venue. Remember to be understated and let the symbolism speak for itself, and that muted tones and whites are never wrong.

Choosing The Wedding Dress

The most important choice for many weddings is, naturally, the dress. This is arguably one area where traditional tastes don’t always apply. Every Royal has worn a white dress, but each bride has chosen a dress that reflects their own taste and personality. Some, like Princess Diana favour long, flowing gowns befitting the classic chapels and Royal traditions, while Kate Middleton, for example, favoured a more modern approach.

Why not turn to the Royal weddings of the past for dress ideas? When looking for a perfect wedding dress, take inspiration from Princess Diana and the unique dress she wore to her own wedding. You can watch a Princess Diana documentary to learn more.

Choosing The Music

Once you’ve decided on the venue, guest list, decorations and dress, it’s time to determine what everyone will do after they’ve finished eating. Music can greatly influence a wedding’s atmosphere and Royal weddings always feature plenty of hymns and anthems during the ceremony itself; we suggest you do the same.

Save more modern music for the end of the night, while remembering your guest list and selecting the music appropriately. The music played at a wedding often influences how the guests behave, so keep it polite, cordial and a little uplifting, and everything will be great!

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How to Organize the Perfect “Royal Castle” Wedding

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