Personalizing Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Your big day is fast approaching and although you are super excited, you may feel like something is missing from your wedding dress that makes it uniquely yours. Unless you’ve had your dress custom-designed, you may discover other brides-to-be who have chosen your same look. There are several options you can explore to make your wedding day look like it belongs to just you.

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The standard bridal jewelry often starts and ends with pearls, but it certainly doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of other bridal jewelry options that include pendants, lockets, colored glass beads or antique jewelry Houston TX to name a few. There is nothing that says a bride must stick with white, silver or gold when it comes to her jewelry. If you’re a girl who likes bright colors, consider adding a necklace or brooch with colored jewels or stones to your dress.


You may have already picked out your ecru satin pumps to match your dress, but this is your wedding, so if this isn’t your shoe style, don’t be afraid to go with something else. Some brides choose white tennis shoes laced with ribbon for comfort. Others like cowboy boots. Shoes are also a great place to add a little color. There is no reason your shoes can’t be red, blue, green or patterned with birds or cherries. Few people will get more than a glimpse at them and those that do will understand that they fit your style.


Some brides like to keep their look plain and simple, but if you like things a little fancier, don’t be afraid to add something extra to your look. A brightly colored satin ribbon around your waist or a small cape around your shoulders can take a ho-hum dress to the next level. Speak with your stylist about possibly adding fresh flowers or an antique comb to your hair.

There is no reason for your wedding dress to look like anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different non-traditional looks to find the perfect look for you.

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Personalizing Your Wedding Dress

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