How to Protect Your Business Data from All Threats?

Protect Your Business Data

Without the implementation of proper security procedures, businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is estimated that annual damages due to cybercrime will be worth an astounding $6 billion by 2021. According to Forbes, there have been more than 300 data breaches that involved data thefts of 100,000 or more records in the past 10 years. The first half of 2019 itself witnessed more than 4 billion records being exposed due to data breaches. Cyber-attacks can not only cause monetary damages to an enterprise but also dent its reputation forever.

This is the reason why it is important to protect your business data from cyber-attacks and breaches. Most of the organizations look forward to hiring professionals who have completed ethical hacker certification and gained practical knowledge of the same.

Let us have a look at some of the ways that can protect your business from data breaches.

Top 5 Ways to Protect your Business from Data Breach

1. Educate Your Employees

This is the most important step that every business should consider to safeguard their business from data losses. Every organization should design a team of certified professionals who have completed ethical hacking training or some ethical hacking course made available by different institutions.

You can educate your employees by bringing in industry experts who can provide hacking training to your employees and enhance their knowledge in the cybersecurity field. You can even ask your employees to complete a certain hacking training course and gain the experience of handling data breaches and prevent the company’s network from hackers.

2. Protection Against Malware

Every PC that is being used in your organization should be protected against malware as it would affect your entire network of systems. Malware can affect your machine without you having any idea about it and this could also happen due to some malicious software.

Investing in network security design is one great measure to keep your business from getting infiltrated by possible risks and threats. Specifically, you can protect your network from malware through the following:

  • PC Protection

You can make use of sophisticated security software that will protect your PC from malware without affecting its performance at any stage. You should always look for protection software that can detect as well as deal with suspicious websites, identity thefts, and hacking in a single swoop.

  • Apply the firewall

The firewall on your router will act as the first level of defense from hackers and malware that can harm your system or network.

  • Keep your emails clean

There is plenty of antispam software available in the market that can protect against unwanted emails. These emails could create distractions and risks for the employees, so it is necessary to take the necessary precautions for avoiding them.

Protect Your Business Data

3. Safeguard Your Passwords

You can even optimize the password for your organization to safeguard your data and prevent data breaches. Sometimes it might be difficult and frustrating to remember the passwords, but the more complex your passwords are, the more protection it will be providing to your systems.

You should never keep the passwords based on some names or dates as they are pretty easy to guess. Make use of numbers and special characters to increase the complexity of your password along with keeping it more than eight characters long. Changing your passwords at regular intervals is a great way to enhance the level of protection.

4. Never Ignore Updates

It might happen that your system becomes slow or it takes pretty long for the updates to complete, but you must never ignore them. There are several cases where these updates are filled with certain security patches that fill the holes in ineffectiveness and security, close different back doors, and also enhance the security of the system.

If you ever ignore some updates of your system, you are leaving your system or network vulnerable in front of the hackers, and they might find it pretty easy to get access to your data.

5. Use the Cloud Storage Option

It is a better option to store all your data or at least the backup of your data on the cloud platform. If you choose a perfect cloud provider, then it might be pretty easy to secure your data as compared to securing the data on-site, and there are various other benefits attached to the usage of cloud computing in businesses.

Several cloud providers offer intense security measures that will encrypt your data for you. This data could only be decrypted by certain individuals after entering certain passwords with some specific IP addresses. This will enhance the level of your data security and also keep it secure from a data breach.

In this completely digital era, there is a huge demand for professionals with ethical hacker certification for preventing the data of the company from data breaches. Above mentioned are the top 5 ways that every organization must implement for data security.

How to Protect Your Business Data from All Threats?

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