How To Pull off a Forest Wedding

Forest Wedding

Forest weddings are ethereal outdoor weddings. This type of wedding is for couples who want a foresty and mystical vibe on their wedding day. Forests are full of cute creatures and give off a fun environment. It is the perfect wedding type for brides that do camping activities and love to explore the woods and outdoors.

One of the significant benefits of having a forest wedding is its beautiful scenery. The forest’s natural beauty can serve as a backdrop for the wedding, reducing the need for decorations. This type of wedding is perfect for a small ceremony or even an elopement. Keep reading this article to know more about the preparations involved in a forest wedding.

Choosing An Ideal Volume

A significant aspect of getting married is choosing the wedding theme and venue. Making decisions on the theme and venue of the wedding can be intimidating. A forest wedding is a wedding that is suitable for any season during the year. The nature in the forest can serve as decor for the wedding, saving a lot when planning the wedding.

When a couple chooses a wedding spot, there are other things to consider. One of the significant things to consider is whether the location requires a permit. Most national forests require permits for wedding programs; however, it is not always applicable to a forest wedding venue.

Some of the best venues for a forest wedding are.

  • Summer camps in the woods.
  • Glass greenhouse.
  • Log cabin in a redwood grove.

Forest weddings are considered outdoor weddings that are purposefully planned to make the most of the woodsy backdrop and general aesthetic. Planning for any unexpected nature surprise, such as last-minute thunderstorms, is crucial. It ensures that the wedding ceremony goes smoothly with less chance or risk of delay, or worse yet, cancellation.

Choose An Eye-Catching Color Palette

There are several vibrant and aesthetic outdoor forest wedding color palettes. Couples use these color palettes to help make their ceremony more personal.

Color Palette 1

The colors in this section are carrot, forest green, cranberry, marigold, and rust. The colors give the wedding a perfect touch. These colors are most suitable during summer.

Color Palette 2

Wheat, cherry red, mustard yellow, wheat, and mulberry are the colors in this palette. These colors are best for a fall wedding and a vintage forest-themed wedding.

Color Palette 4

Shell Pink, peacock, walnut, sand, and sea glass are the colors in this palette.

Color Palette 5

Succulent, mint, strawberry cream, hazelnut, and jute are the colors in this palette.

Color Palette 6

Green Grass, emerald, bright gold, bougainvillea, and pampas grass are the colors in this palette.

Color Palette 7

The colors in this palette are eucalyptus, heather, thistle, eggplant, and sangria.

Color Palette 8

Pinewood, moss, ballet slipper, raspberry, and periwinkle are the available colors at this casino.

Color Palette 9

The available colors in this palette are raven, goldenrod, raisin, heather, and scarlet.

Color Palette 10

Olive, cherrywood, buttercream, crimson, and ballet slipper are the available colors in this palette.

Outdoor weddings are unique and becoming more popular, and it is the perfect way for couples to celebrate their union, but dressing to suit this unique wedding concept might prove challenging. To help with making the right Here are some wedding and bridesmaid dress styles to consider for this type of wedding: bohemian gown, short dresses, backless gown, and strapless.

When choosing bridesmaid dresses in particular, it’s important not to only focus on current trends or styles, choose a gown from a reputable dressmaker that prioritizes comfort regardless of body type. You’re sure to be thankful for making the decision later on, especially when being outdoors for a significant amount of time during the ceremony.

Flowers and Decorations

Forest weddings are full of nature, mystics, and beautiful spots. Incorporating some nature-inspired decors adds a touch of uniqueness to the wedding theme. The couple can use fairy lights instead of classic string lights for a mystical and beautiful effect.

Stick to Your Budget

An important detail that must not be overlooked when planning a forest wedding ceremony is the available budget. A detailed budget helps a couple know the wedding scale planned. Finding the details about the proposed wedding venue is also crucial. Those necessary details include site fees, valet parking, extra delivery fees for remote venues, and sanitation fees.

Pulling Off a Forest Wedding

It might seem like an ambitious and risky idea to plan a wedding outdoors, especially in the middle of a forest, where ceremony attendees are at the mercy of the elements. However, there’s also a lot of upsides to taking that chance and it’s more than possible to pull off, with the right precautions and measures taken that were detailed in this article.

Forest weddings are a great way to connect with nature and provide memorable views and imagery that can be preserved and cherished for a lifetime. A forest environment not only serves as a unique and inviting environment for the happy couple, but is sure to be a crowd pleaser for guests as well.

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How To Pull off a Forest Wedding

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