How to Secretly Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size

If you are not confident enough to ask your partner for his or her ring size, you can stealthily find out the size of his or her ring without being noticed. There are many ways to find this information. Among them is asking friends and family members. Even a jeweler can help. However, keep this secret.

How to stealthily determine your partner’s ring size

There are many options to measure your partner’s ring size if you are concerned. You can use a free plastic sizer to measure your partner’s ring. You can also wrap a strip of paper around their finger and tape it over it. Tape can be used to measure the measurement. You can also ask a friend or relative to help you measure. Oftentimes, your friends know their partner’s ring size, so you can ask them to help you out.

Taking the measurements isn’t as difficult as it may seem. First, convince your partner that the ring belongs to someone else. You can also tell him or her that the ring is for a sibling or parent. While you will need to measure your partner’s finger, it won’t be obvious that you are measuring their measurements. If your partner’s finger is big, you can also buy a ring that’s smaller than theirs.

Borrowing your partner’s ring is another way to stealthily measure their size. You won’t even notice that your partner has borrowed it. You should choose a ring that your partner won’t mind wearing and not one they wouldn’t mind. You can then stealthily measure your partner’s ring size and slip the ring into your partner’s pocket.

When choosing the right ring size for your girlfriend, you have to consider her finger and hand sizes. For women, an average ring size is a size 6. For men, the average size is around a size 10. If your girlfriend wears a smaller size ring, you can stealthily borrow her old one and use it to measure her finger size.

Ask your family and close friends for help if you are unsure how to ask your partner about their ring size. It is important to find a relative with the same finger size as your partner’s left ring finger. This way, you’ll be able to get a reference for the size of the ring you’re planning to propose with. You can also purchase a cheap ring to make it more discreet and have your partner try it on.

A ring sizer is another way to stealthily measure your partner’s finger size. This device is very easy to use and has a guide that shows how to use it. For an accurate measurement, ensure that the ring sizer fits comfortably on the finger. It’s also easy to put on and take down.

To get a good measurement, you can even take a picture of your partner’s ring. This is especially useful if your partner has a ring on their ring finger. This method is also more discreet and can be done at night.

If you’re nervous about asking your partner for their ring size, don’t be! There are many ways to measure a partner’s ring size without spoiling the surprise of a proposal. The most important thing to remember is that the proposal is the most exciting moment of your life. It’s an opportunity for you to display your sparkling engagement ring. You shouldn’t let the ring size distract you from the special day.

You can also ask her friends or family members for their ring sizes. You can even ask a friend who has recently gotten engaged. However, the success rate of this method depends on the kind of question you ask. A blunt question is more likely than a vague one to get an exact answer. However, a vague question can yield a range in possible ring sizes.

The most effective method of stealthily measuring a woman’s ring size is to recruit a friend who can ask her for her ring size. While a friend is less likely to be noticed than a flat-out question, she won’t be suspicious if she hears about it.

How to find out your partner’s ring size without asking

There are many ways to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing. Checking their jewelry box is one of the best ways to find out their ring size. If they have a ring on their thumb, then it is probably different than the ring on their ring finger. You can also measure their ring finger with a ring sizer that you purchase online or from an online store. The key is to avoid tightening the ring sizing gauge too much because it will give you an inaccurate measurement.

You can also measure their ring size while they are sleeping. You can do this by wrapping a thin string around their finger until the ends overlap. The length can then be measured with a ruler to convert it into their ring size. A thinner string will fit better on the finger than a thicker band.

You can also borrow your partner’s ring to secretly measure their rsi. This works better because you don’t have to worry about your partner noticing you have borrowed a ring. You want your partner to never lose it, and that they only wear on special occasions.

Another option is to ask your friends for their partner’s ring sizes. A friend may have a friend who is engaged or married and will be able to help you find out her ring size. While it isn’t very romantic, it is acceptable as long as the friend’s intentions are sincere.

While ring size is often known, many people don’t remember it accurately. Even those who are passionate about jewelry might only have an approximate idea. Ring size is also often determined by the location where the ring is worn. The ring can be worn on the ring finger or the middle finger.

You could also ask a friend to try on rings and measure you. It is important to note that this method will be most effective if your girlfriend just got engaged. A friend who is unable to measure the ring size of a girlfriend wearing an adjustable ring will not be able to help her.

Your best friend or mother might know your partner’s ring size. They can also take your partner to an engagement ring shop and ask for a ring size. Your friend might have the perfect ring for you. Regardless of who you ask, remember to be discreet.

It is not easy to get your partner’s ring size. But you should try a secret way to ask your partner without them knowing. If your partner finds out, the surprise of asking her for her ring size is a disaster.

How to Secretly Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size
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