How to Solve the Santa’s Helper Crossword Clue

how to solve the santas helper crossword clue 35971

There are eleven possible solutions for the crossword clue “Santas helper.” The first one deals with a singular person. The second deals with a plurality of people. Here’s how to solve the puzzle. Check out the other solutions. You can also use the search functionality on the right sidebar to find other related clues. This article will show you how to solve the Santa’s Helper crossword clue.

Santa has helpers, as you’ll see. He is not the only one in this world delivering gifts. His helpers make his job easier. It’s impossible for him to deliver gifts without them. He must fly to the North Pole by plane as there is no bus or train service. You can help him too. This is why we’re all excited for the Christmas season!

How to Solve the Santa’s Helper Crossword Clue
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