How to Stay Motivated in Life: 9 Basic Tips

How to Stay Motivated

Do you seem to be slowing down lately and getting less done each day? This isn’t just a side effect of aging. Rather, it’s more likely due to a lack of motivation.

But don’t worry. We’re about to remedy that. The following guide gives you 9 simple but effective tips on how to stay motivated.

For instance, figure out what’s important to you, set clear goals, record progress, and reward success. And, if these tips aren’t enough to fire you up, that’s okay. We’re not even halfway through the list yet.

To learn more, and to get your passion back, read and follow these 9 tips.

1. Why?

It’s the universal question: why? The answer is different for everyone. But, unless you know your answer to this question, nothing you do will seem to matter.

So, figure out what’s important to you. What mark do you want to leave during your brief span on this planet? When you have your answer, write it down.

2. Reorganize Your Life

Now, reorganize your life according to your “why.” For instance, work out how the various things in your life fit into this goal.

Write down specific plans for how to achieve this goal through your current commitments. If these commitments can’t help you achieve your goal, see if you can reduce them or cut them from your life completely.

3. Use Reminders

You can’t stay motivated if you keep forgetting your “why.” Create or purchase personal motivators that help you stay focused on this goal.

For instance, you can get a calendar or an app that offers inspirational quotes, like these from singer Marvin Gaye. Or make yourself a poster or montage that inspires you.

4. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

So far, the tips we’ve given you might lead you straight into a trap! This would be the trap of all work and no play.

It does no good to stay focused on your goal if you hate the way you’re getting there. Don’t forget to enjoy your achieving. This might include engaging in a new hobby that’s in line with your main goal.

5. Reevaluate Once in a While

These tips and your original strategy won’t keep you going forever. Every once in a while, take a moment to reevaluate your life according to your goal.

6. Celebrate Success

When planning your goalsetting strategy, don’t forget to include milestones. That is, for your upcoming achievements ($1,000 in your savings account!), have the rewards planned out (pizza party!).

7. Record Your Progress

Furthermore, keep a record of the goals you achieve. This way, you can see your progress so you don’t get discouraged.

8. Give Yourself Time to Relax

Don’t just plan out your work tasks and milestone rewards. Have time intentionally set aside each day for relaxing. If you don’t, you’ll get burnt out and start giving up.

9. Recruit Help

Good friends help you stay motivated. So, let them. Specifically, get your friends involved in your master plan and let them know how they can help.

Share This Advice on How to Stay Motivated

We hope that the tips above keep you passionate and thriving at all times. Now, please share the love we’ve shared with you. That is, share this guide on how to stay motivated with your friends and loved ones.

Speaking of staying motivated, let’s keep this energy going! Namely, get some energy-boosting tips and other mental/physical health advice on our Health blog.

How to Stay Motivated in Life: 9 Basic Tips

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