Working Ergonomically: 5 Ways to Work Comfortably in the Office

Working Ergonomically

Do you remember what it was like to work in an office? About 69% of workers feel comfortable and get back to the office.

As we return to the office, we return to old habits that weren’t healthy. We’d spend all day slouched in a chair. Eat cupcakes and junk food in the break room.

Before you know it, you have back pain and other health issues. Working ergonomically helps you alleviate some of these issues.

Keep reading to learn the top office ergonomic tips to support your health while you work.

1. Check Your Posture

Are you able to sit up straight throughout the day? You need to engage your core muscles to do that. You can get a little bit of help from your ergonomic setup.

Check your monitor to make sure that you’re not looking down or up. Looking down at a monitor for an extended period of time strains your shoulders. If the monitor is too high or low, invest in monitor stands like the ones from Dataflex UK.

2. Align the Neck and Shoulders

There’s nothing worse than having rounded shoulders and a neck the protrudes forward. This is a common issue for many office workers.

Rounded shoulders are called kyphosis. Kyphosis and forward head posture lead to other shoulder issues. You are likely to have neck pain as your muscles compensate to facilitate efficient movement.

These can be corrected over time, but you don’t want to get to that place. Check your ergonomic setup and make sure you are able to sit up tall and look straight ahead at your screen.

3. Use a Headset

Do you spend hours on the phone each day? You might use a phone headset or a cell phone where you lean your head against the receiver.

That adds strain to your neck and will cause neck issues before you know it. Use a headset so you can keep your head straight and supported as you talk.

4. Technology and Ergonomics

Technology evolved to the point where there are major advancements in ergonomics. We have standing desks, tall chairs, and other accessories to support the body.

Technology is also used as a guide. Workers can utilize technology to remind them to take breaks. It can also be used to ensure each person has the proper setup.

5. Get Up and Move

You can have the best ergonomic setup but sitting for hours with little movement makes your body weak.

Over time, some muscles get tight while others get weak. This causes an imbalance that pulls at your skeletal structure.

Your body then compensates as you walk and move. That misalignment leads to injury. You have to get up and move regularly to combat these issues.

Working Ergonomically for Better Health

Sitting all day is a job hazard. There’s no doubt that an ergonomic workspace and regular movement are two keys to living a healthier life.

These tips for working ergonomically can help you avoid health issues and pain. Check your workspace and get ergonomic equipment to ensure a better environment.

For more health tips, check out some of the other helpful articles on the blog today!

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Working Ergonomically: 5 Ways to Work Comfortably in the Office

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