How to Stay Motivated in School: A Complete Guide

How to Stay Motivated in School

In today’s age of fast-paced technology, it’s easy to get distracted at school. On top of that, home life, friendships, artistic endeavors, and jobs can make it tough to feel ambitious about our schoolwork.

If you’re wondering how to stay motivated in school, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through motivational tips to help you get through your school day.

Put It in Context

Sometimes, schoolwork can make you feel like you’re memorizing a bunch of bits of random information for no one’s benefit. When you don’t understand the context of the information you’re learning, succeeding in school can feel little like rote memorization.

This is why it helps to put the knowledge you learn into context. If you’re struggling in an English class, go online and find out why people consider the book you’re reading an important book. Once you understand the frame it’s coming from, it’ll be easier to read and analyze.

Math is about more than just numbers and equations — but you wouldn’t know it by the way Math is usually taught. Mathematics isn’t just one of the hard sciences, they involve creativity, and the history of Math is the history of Mathematic philosophers. Do some research, and try to understand what certain thinkers were getting at when they came up with the formulas you’re working with.

For history, try to figure out how what you’re learning relates to our contemporary situation. If you enjoy politics, considering the political implications of past historical events can help put even the most ancient history into context.

Make Room for What You Care About

School is a lot easier to enjoy when you take classes that you’re interested in.

Clearly, this is more applicable to some people’s situations than others. If you’re in college, make sure you make room in your schedule for classes you feel excited about, even if they’re not part of your major. If you go to certain private schools, you might also be able to design your class schedule.

Kids at public schools generally don’t get many options to choose from when it comes to classes. However, usually, there’s an elective or two they can pick that will help them through the day. Colleges enjoy seeing that a student is well versed, so don’t feel bad about taking that chorus class if you want to.

Even in the most one-track public schools, there are usually after-school activities, and clubs you can participate in at lunchtime. Paradoxically, when you add something to your schedule at the end of the day you enjoy, you’ll want to work harder before you get there.

Buiding Good Habits

This is is an important habit to build in high school because when you go to college, you want to make sure you go to a school you’re passionate about. Getting a degree that you think you should, and not one that you love is the perfect way to end up with an unfulfilling career and life.

If getting up and going to school every day just doesn’t seem right for you, consider getting a general studies degree at an online university. With all of the technology available in this day and age, online schooling is better than it ever was.

Ask for Help From a Teacher

Though it may seem intimidating at first, asking for help from a teacher is one of the best ways you can stay motivated at school. Going up to a teacher after class and asking them to explain something you’re struggling with is a great way to get to know your teacher better. You may even be able to swing by after school and attend study sessions hosted by the teacher.

When a teacher reviews the material with a smaller group of people — or with just you — sometimes it can be easier to process the information. If you get to know your teacher better, you’ll look forward to seeing them, and that personal connection will help you through your day.

Mentorship is an extremely important part of any young person’s life. A teacher can act as a great mentor, helping you to discover more about subjects you’re interested in.

Ask for Help From a Friend

One of the best ways to increase your motivation in school is to combine the social aspects with the educational aspects. If you have a friend who’s particularly good at a subject you’re struggling with, consider asking them to help you out. You two can arrange study sessions, which can be fun as well as educational.

Despite what a lot of people believe, education should be fun. A sense of play is key in making sure that information sticks. Working with someone you care about can help you contextualize the information you’re learning, and put it into perspective.

With this friend as your new study buddy, you’ll know that you have someone working in solidarity with you. This will motivate you to focus on and do well in school.

Learn How to Stay Motivated in School

In the 21st century, it’s not easy to learn how to stay motivated in school. The world feels like it’s practically designed to distract us. However, if you put all of the work you do in context (no matter what subject it is), make room in your schedule for things you care about personally, ask for help from a teacher to gain some mentorship, and ask for help from a friend to gain some solidarity, you’re far more likely to shine.

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How to Stay Motivated in School: A Complete Guide

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