How To Use FaxBridge Effectively In Your Business

How To Use FaxBridge Effectively In Your Business

For years, businesses relied on cumbersome fax machines to transmit documents quickly. But, whether they relied on a telephone line or WiFi, these machines were subject to paper jams and errors. Now, companies efficiently send faxes via their computers instead of standing near a fax machine waiting for transmittals to go through. Discover how to use FaxBridge effectively for your business to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

Get Rid Of Old-Fashioned Technology

Companies considering FaxBridge often want to eliminate old-fashioned technology that slows down their team. One of the fastest and most affordable ways to modernize technology in your office is investing in a VoIP fax adapter. The plug-and-play installation means the team can be faxing in just minutes. Plus, the FaxBridge is shipped preconfigured and assigned to your account for easy operation.

Eliminate The Dreaded Paper Chase

Old-fashioned fax transmittals required paper, ink, and a staff member to watch incoming and outgoing faxes. Your team reduces paper waste with a VoIP fax adapter because all faxes are emailed automatically to the recipient. This increases security and compliance because faxes are sent and received in the cloud. Unless someone watches the fax machine constantly, there are possible security breaches when documents sit on a feeder for hours.

Forget The Extra Phone Lines

Besides paying for machinery, paper, and ink, fax transmittals also required POTS/analog phone lines at an additional cost. Paying for these phone lines is unnecessary when you invest in a VoIP fax adapter. Now, you can use a FaxBridge with your physical fax machine to eliminate costly phone lines and reduce paper waste. Plus, using less paper shows the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and going green.

Unify Strategy

Choosing FaxBridge unifies your data and voice communications strategy, reducing ownership costs by eliminating telephone hardware and consolidating communications. As a result, fax machines can be located anywhere and used securely when connected to the device. Plus, no remote software configuration is required to fax to or from anywhere. All you need is internet access and a power source to communicate.

Improve Security

One of the most significant reasons to transition to cloud fax services is to maintain the highest level of security. Additionally, some industries must adhere to regulatory privacy requirements or face costly penalties. As a result, it makes sense to invest in a VoIP fax adapter to ensure privacy is maintained on all levels. Critical documentation gets into the right hands quickly when it matters most. 

Cut Costs

Companies boost the bottom line by cutting routine costs, such as sending faxes. For example, cloud faxing saves money on machinery, phone lines, paper, and human resources. As a result, your company realizes a measurable ROI while improving operations.

Increased Efficiency

Finally, FaxBridge increases your business’s efficiency by eliminating expensive equipment and manual processes subject to human error and security breaches. People receive faxes in just seconds rather than traveling to a machine to see if they have arrived. As a result, customer satisfaction also improves.

Learning how to use FaxBridge for your business is easy and quick. You can send and receive faxes within minutes using your computer, internet source, and email. Plus, these transmissions are secure for industries that must remain compliant with applicable regulations. Reach out to an expert today to learn more about making this critical transition for optimum efficiency.

How To Use FaxBridge Effectively In Your Business

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