Top UI/UX Design Trends In 2022

Top UI/UX Design Trends

2022 brought new textures, colors and font combinations, custom themes, and out-of-the-box solutions to UI/UX design. Design is the most important part of the application, which should be treated with special care since it is the one that attracts users in the first place. In this article, we have selected the best trends in UI/UX design for this year. To properly use these trends and make the application more recognizable and convenient, it is better to contact a mobile app design agency.

Visual Trends

Unusual Typography

Gigantism, animation, unusual font styles – all tricks are used to draw attention to the text. It seems that both designers and users are tired of minimalistic fonts, so a period of experimentation has also begun in typography. The main rule – the font should be more extraordinary. Therefore, the trend was called “wild typography”.

Animation And Scrollytelling

The meaning of the term “scrollytelling” is revealed by two components of the name: “scroll” – a gesture of scrolling the screen and “tell” – a story, or narration. Scrollytelling is animated illustrations that gradually appear as you scroll the screen, becoming part of visual storytelling.

Attractive Colors

Minimalism fades into the background. Designers tired of sterile iOS interfaces and neomorphism will move on to something bright and daring. Therefore, in 2022, the trend toward positive, optimistic, and bright design is developing very quickly.

3D Graphics

Volumetric images are no longer just illustrations, now they are part of the functionality of the interface. 3D graphics also cease to be static, helping to better convey sensations and improve user experience. It becomes part of the controls and helps create entire 3D tours.

Glassmorphism And New Textures

The trend that has moved from 2021 to 2022 is glassmorphism or in other words – the imitation of the effect of transparent or frosted glass in the interface. Its distinguishing features are translucent plates with subtle highlights along the edges; background blur under transparent elements; multi-level interface (elements seem to be layered on top of each other).

Glassmorphism was formed from neomorphism – a direction that is called “soft design”. Glassmorphism borrowed from neomorphism layering, smoothness, shadows, light, and textures, but concentrated on one of them – glass.

Responsive Themes

In 2021, a version of the Android 12 operating system was released with dynamic color solutions. Now designers can not only create dark themes but also adapt them to the user’s preferences. For example, if the device has green wallpapers installed, then the interface of the entire operating system will adjust to them and also turn green.

Functional Trends

“Super” App

Many interfaces will continue to transform into the “super” app, i.e. feature-rich applications. They combine several services into one and help users solve several problems at the same time. To create convenient super applications, you need to pump design thinking. This approach primarily takes into account user requests and the convenience of the solution, while technical and economic possibilities fade into the background. Therefore, the super app allows designers to experiment and implement the strangest and most incredible ideas. It is especially interesting to develop new products for startups, as they can afford to combine services of any direction.

Product Design

To work on large-scale projects, designers need to focus on product design, study how services work, and the user’s mindset. Creating a service that millions use is a special challenge. It has no place for giant text and other excesses. Now every person using an app wants just to press one button and, for example, order food for himself. In such services, a designer needs to note even minor details that set the mood and form the user’s impression of the service.

Inclusive Design

Inclusion is not only about people who have limited opportunities in life. The level of device available for each person can be temporarily limited. If you are holding a child, you can use only one of your hands to control it.

Inclusivity cannot be called a trend, as it is a rule of good taste that appeared in UI/UX design a long time ago. But now there is a general social trend. For example, if you work in Figma, you know that there is an Adee plugin that can check the contrast and color spectrum of the interface. With the help of this function you can, for example, adapt color schemes for people with color blindness, see how interfaces will look for them, and read texts of a certain color.

Top UI/UX Design Trends In 2022

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