Huawei GT 2e Watch: A New Style of Familiar Watches

Huawei GT 2e Watch

Huawei continues to build its strength in all available market segments: in the world of smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearables. Smartwatches GT2 Watch was presented only in the fall of 2019 and did not even have time to give a hint of obsolescence, and by the spring of 2020, an update was already in the time. Visit Huawei’s official website to check the huawei gt2e watch price.

Design of Huawei GT 2e Watch

Huawei GT 2e Watch is a fairly large model without dividing into “female” and “male” versions, like regular GT 2. There is only one version – with a large round screen and a stainless steel bezel (diagonal – 46 mm, as on the older version of GT 2) and with a “sports” strap. Moreover, the strap is of two types – with a classic perforation for adjusting the size and with an original one, where the holes are applied to the entire surface of the strap, and only some of them bear a functional load.

Color variations of Huawei GT 2e Watch

Black or gray case and strap in three colors (and two materials) to choose from – black fluoroelastomer, red TPU, green TPU (the latter is available only on the manufacturer’s website). At the same time, the straps are replaceable, you can install some kind of standard mount from the side, 22 mm. Dimensions of the watch itself: 53.0 × 46.8 × 10.8 mm. Weight: 43 grams excluding the removable strap. Compared with the GT 2, you can see that the GT2e is slightly larger and more massive, but I would not say that it somehow feels.

The watch is water-resistant, but Huawei does not specify a specific standard – it simply claims that it must withstand water pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

Comparison with Huawei GT 2

In comparison with the GT 2 Watch, not only the strap has changed, but also the case itself – the screen is slightly less raised above the case (which, hopefully, will lead to less damage to it, which happened with the GT 2, despite the tempered glass), the bezel is decorated otherwise it is devoid of gloss, the temples of the fastening of the two halves of the strap are cast, without an eyelet. But the main difference is the keys. There are still two of them here, but in the GT 2e, they are not round, but rectangular. At the same time, I will not say that the changes somehow seriously affect the experience of use – the watch is perceived a little differently, more “easily” or something, but the control circuit and characteristics remained intact.

Display of Huawei GT 2e Watch

The display is the same, with a diagonal of 1.39 inches, with an AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 454 × 454, but I must say that the dials have been updated for it – several individual ones are provided for the GT 2e, and a common library is available, which is constantly updated. At the time of this writing, there were 188 design options for the dial. To understand the pace of the developers’ work – at the time of the release of GT 2 Watch in November 2019, 14 watch faces were available.

Huawei GT 2e Watch

Software & OS of Huawei GT 2e Watch

This is a watch, specific in its software device, but at the same time a win-win in functionality. Huawei in this case demonstrates the absolute self-sufficiency of the company, an example of how you can cope on your own: the watch is based on the proprietary hardware platform HiSilicon Kirin A1 and the proprietary operating system Lite OS. This is a closed system – you cannot install any applications on the watch except those that are provided on it initially or will come with firmware updates (which the manufacturer makes quite often – during the three-week testing there were at least three of them) …

But at the same time, you will hardly have to feel the need for any special applications. The Huawei GT 2e Watch is packed very seriously. List of built-in sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate monitor, light sensor, air pressure sensor. Pairing with a smartphone is performed using the Bluetooth 5.1 module – and with a smartphone both on Android (4.4 and higher) and on iOS (9.0). You only need to install the proprietary Huawei Health application – one of the best of its kind, but requiring many levels of access, for lovers of increased privacy it may seem a little annoying in this regard.

In my opinion, the work of the sensor responsible for turning the display on / off has improved – unlike the GT 2 Watch, it turns on more rarely and at more appropriate moments. It doesn’t bother you at night, and you don’t have to touch the display or buttons again.

Functions of Huawei GT 2e Watch

The watch collects quite a lot of information about the world around it, is able to track your sleep and work as a “smart” alarm clock (wake up at a given time interval but in the most suitable sleep phase for this) and, of course, it is great to help with training – to record a track, steps, pace, pulse and so on. The watch can provide advice during exercise. And if you sit too long, they vibrate and offer to stretch out a little. The watch is able to measure the stress level according to its own algorithms (which is quite useful in this difficult time), to measure the pulse – both in an arbitrary mode, from time to time and in response to increased activity, and in a continuous mode.

Huawei GT 2e Watch has increased the number of supported workouts: a total of 100 sports can be monitored, combined into 15 modes. The smartwatch can automatically detect six professional sports modes, offering the smartest way to exercise. Also, for the first time in a Huawei smartwatch, a blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring function is available.

The watch has a built-in microphone and speaker that allow you to answer calls without touching the phone – a rare opportunity, but why not. You can even listen to music with their help, or broadcast it to third-party devices; 4 GB of memory is built into the GT 2e Watch (2.3 GB are available to the user).

One of Huawei’s biggest pride is the autonomy of the entire GT 2 series, and the GT 2e is no exception. If you do not activate the continuous heart rate measurement mode, the watch quite successfully lives for almost two weeks on a single charge. With continuous measurement – about one week. In any case, the result is wonderful for a smartwatch.

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Huawei GT 2e Watch: A New Style of Familiar Watches

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