Hunter Garner Memorial Scholarship

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The story of Hunter Garner’s fatal car crash is one of tragedy followed by grief. The 16-year-old was a fun-loving teenager who died in a 2007 crash. Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. In order to help prevent future tragedies, Drive Smart Virginia has a scholarship available for students who create a safe driving video. You can apply today for this scholarship.

Julie Garner created Project Yellow Light after Hunter was killed in a car accident. The purpose of the program is to promote responsible driving. Students are encouraged to make videos and send messages to stop distracted driving. The best video is awarded a prize. It can be either a college or high school prize. Visit their website to learn more and submit your video. Once you’ve entered, you can watch and vote for your favorite video or message by clicking the link below.

In honor of Hunter Garner’s memory, the family has created the Project Yellow Light Scholarship. This scholarship provides high school students with the chance to create messages and videos to prevent distracted driving. There are separate categories for high school and college students. The $1000 scholarship will be awarded to the winner. You can apply online and receive details about the program. If you are selected to participate in this competition, please fill out the application form.

Despite the tragic accident, the survivors have established a scholarship in Hunter’s name. The scholarship provides students with the opportunity to create videos and other materials that promote safe driving habits. The scholarships are given out annually, and winners will receive a prestigious prize. This is a great way for people to be aware of distracted driving. You can also submit a video that teaches others to be aware of distracted driving.

After her son’s death in a car accident, Julie Garner’s mother, Project Yellow Light, was founded in 2007. The organization encourages students and others to create and submit videos and messages to raise awareness about distracted driving. The winners will win a $10,000 scholarship. In addition, the award also helps support a charity that is important to the community. By supporting this project, Hunter Garner’s family can continue to pay tribute to her loved one.

The Project Yellow Light was created in Hunter Garner’s memory to educate teens about distracted driving and the importance of paying attention to the road. The organization has won numerous awards, including a $10,000 scholarship for the winner of the contest. The Ad Council partnered with the organization to create PSAs encouraging students to drive safely. These PSAs can be seen on hundreds radio and TV stations across the country.

Hunter Garner’s tragic death inspired his mother, to create the Project Yellow Light scholarship to raise awareness about distracted driving. The project features a billboard, radio and video contest that allows teens to create messages that help people stay on the road and avoid accident. In addition to the video, the students can submit a short film that promotes the cause of distracted driving. This will help the audience to recognize the causes of the crash.

Hunter Garner, Julie Garner’s child, created Project Yellow Light to educate the public about distracted driving. Her sister also started the project, which has now gained national attention. The goal of the program is to prevent distracted driving by giving people time to think about their surroundings. The scholarship was created to encourage teens to drive safely and to not text, despite the fact that a car accident can be very distressing for teens.

Julie Garner, who was in an accident, started Project Yellow Light to encourage safe driving. The scholarship was named after Hunter’s late friend, Julie. These scholarships were established in Hunter’s memory and have helped thousands of students across the country. This year, the project is now in its third year and has already reached over a million people. The project is on track for achieving its goal in 2007. Many young people are passionate about driving and have received scholarships.

Hunter Garner Memorial Scholarship
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