Infested – Help Kuro Or Obey The Code

If you’re a fan of the series you might be interested in learning how to make the characters follow the code and help Kuro defeat this holy dragon. The game will require you to complete a series of tasks, but one of them is the Holy Chapter: Infested. The Holy Chapter describes the history of the west’s first appearance of the holy dragon. Whether you choose to help Kuro or obey the code depends on what your character wants.

As the game progresses you will have the option of either helping Kuro or following the Iron Code. You can unlock three different endings by following the code. If you break it, you’ll be able to enter the new game plus. Be careful, the game won’t let you choose between two options. Before you make a decision, here are some things to keep in mind.

You will have many choices during the game, including whether you want to help Kuro or follow the code. You can listen to Kuro’s conversations with Emma and follow her advice. The latter option is more popular than the former, but it will depend on how you’d like to proceed. If you want to help Kuro, you must be loyal to the Divine Heir. You can also use the code to help you make the right choice.

While the Iron Code is the easiest ending to get, it is also the most difficult. You will need to abandon Kuro’s master and defeat two bosses. You will lose a significant amount of the game if you choose to abandon your master. You don’t have to spend too much time on this quest. Choose the option that takes you the most steps. This way, you’ll be able to save your life.

The game’s final cutscene states that Kuro will be accompanied by the Divine Child on a journey. However, you must follow the code. This option allows you the freedom to remove Kuro from the Heritage. But there are some repercussions. Emma will have to deal with the consequences of abandoning her master. If you kill him, your right to life will be taken away. A side note: Emma will kill you if you do not help Kuro.

After defeating the Great Shinobi-Owl, you have the option to either help Kuro or follow the code. To make the game more enjoyable, you can help one another with side quests. You can help Kuro by searching for the Sculptor’s Idols at Ashina Castle. You must save Kuro’s lives if you want the Iron Code to be broken.

In addition, you can also choose to aid the Divine Child of Rejuvenation. The Divine Child of Rejuvenation wants to bring the Dragon’s essence back to its homeland, but it needs Serpent Viscera and Holy Chapters to do so. You can help her by using Emma’s help to find Everblossom, but your decision is bound to carry a tinge of treachery with it.

Infested – Help Kuro Or Obey The Code
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