Is an Old 100 Dollar Bill Worth Much?

Are old hundred dollar bills worth much? A bill with a serial number 00000001 can fetch anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 but a bill with a lower serial number could sell for as low as $1,000. When buying a bill, be sure to look for the right shoulder of Ben Franklin. It should feel rough to the touch and should be raised. This is an indication of recessed intaglio printing.

Uncirculated, series 1990 $100 bills will sell for a little over $100. Rarer and uncirculated bills may command higher prices. If you’re lucky enough to find a series 1990 bill in MS-63 condition, it could fetch as much as $150. Likewise, a star note from this series is worth more than $150. Star notes are replacement bills issued by the United States Federal Reserve. The serial number is adorned with a star symbol.

The $100 dollar bill was introduced for the first time in the early 1900’s. It was used as a symbol for the United States Federal Reserve. The gold certificates were not circulated among the public, but were considered valuable collector’s items. Despite their value, there’s no sure way to find a rare piece. Even the smallest errors can lead to a high price tag. Listed below are some common mistakes that can affect a bill’s value.

The 100-dollar bill with the blue ribbon running down its middle is the highest-grade. It should also feature Ben Franklin’s portrait. This should be sharp and realistic. It is also important to check if the paper has any ghost copy or watermark of the founder. This paper strip has the words “USA” as well as the number 100 alternative. They are visible on both the left and right sides of this note. It should also have an embedded thread running to the left of Franklin’s portrait.

Another important detail is the life expectancy of the bill. If it is still valid, a $100 bill from 1990 will be worth as much as $5 less in December 2018 than a bill from today. A bill in very poor condition could be worth up to $1000. It is best to dispose of it immediately after you have saved it.

Check out the U.S. Currency website to see the value of an old $100 bill. You can see images of older $100 bills. You can also sell an older bill to your family and friends. However, make sure you don’t give out your money to strangers. Always remember, it’s worth more to give a genuine one than a fake one. You should take a picture of your bill and send it to a third-party who is trustworthy.

Is an Old 100 Dollar Bill Worth Much?
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