Is CBDA Better Than CBD?


When CDB (cannabidiol) products started gathering mainstream steam, consumers rushed to explore the potential health benefits that this single-compound cannabis derivative could offer. For some, it was the perfect reward of experiencing the goodies of cannabinoids without the pitfalls and consequences of murky legalities.

Then, CBDA arrived on the scene. Many people are curious about the positive benefits of this close cousin of CBD, including what it is and where to buy CBDA. Yet, there is another question at the forefront of people’s minds. Is it actually better for you than CBD?

What Is CBDA?

Similar to CBD, CBDA is a single-compound derivative of cannabis. Like THC and CBD, the origins of CBDA stem from cannobigerolic acid, also known as CBGa. Unlike the other two compounds, CBDA is the rawest form of cannabinoids. Imagine making a smoothie from raw produce. A good smoothie wouldn’t be the same if you used canned fruit and vegetables, would it? Now, apply this concept to CBDA and you will get the idea. CBD is actually made by applying heat to CBDA. So, CBDA is an unfiltered compound that is still fairly new to the market but may carry excellent health benefits.

Backstory of CBDA

Although CBDA seems like a recent discovery, it isn’t. The compound has a godfather and his name is Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, a Bulgarian-born Isreali chemist. In 1965, Mechoulam was investigating cannabis plants and exploring their components. Eventually, he isolated cannabiolic acid. At the time, his scientific endeavor was about hashish, the dried resin of cannabis flowers (it was very common for people to use hashish in that era).

Historical Clarification

Hashish is the most potent form of three types of marijuana that prop THC to the forefront of cannabis plants. This does not include CBD or CDBA.

Of course, in its virgin and pure form, his initial discovery was actually CBDA. In order to pinpoint the derivative acid, the scientist crossed the CBDA threshold first. It just wouldn’t get any mainstream appreciation or shine until decades later.

The Difference Between CBD and CDBA

The true difference between these two cannabinoid compounds is that one is processed and the other is not. CDBA will be the naturally resulting compound found in cannabigerolic acid, while CBD has to be heated and cured from the source of CDBA.

So, Which Compound is Healthier?

Technically, the jury is still out on which is better because CBDA’s potentially healthy attributes are in the early phase of exploration. However, there are some promising indications that CBDA could be very healthy for you.

Some studies have shown that CBDA is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. According to a 2019 article published by Nature Medicine, inflammatory diseases contribute to more than 50 percent of deaths in the U.S. every year.

Of course, the virtues of using cannabis as an anti-nausea and appetite stimulant has long been extolled by medical professionals and people suffering from cancer, as well as other conditions. Some researchers speculate that CBDA is much more powerful than CBD, indicating that its potential benefits could well exceed what many people receive from CDB.

Is CBDA Better Than CBD?

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