Planning Permit for Business Signage

Planning Permit

Planning application consultants not only assist in supporting businesses looking to extend or renovate their business premises, but also in helping with the exterior permits needed for business signage.

Local council and bylaws can be very prescriptive when it comes to putting up business notices and signage on the exterior of a building. The last thing a business would want is an enforcement notice to remove expensive signage if it does not adhere to planning laws. To ensure that the correct planning permit is submitted – or to check if a permit is required – it is a good idea to enlist the help of town planning consultants in Melbourne, saving a company valuable time and money.

Situations where a planning permit is not required

If the sign is temporary, then a permit is usually not required. If a current sign needs replacing due to maintenance, then provided it was legally permitted in the first place – and it is replaced with a “like for like” sign – a permit will not need to be sought. Having photographs or graphics and permission for the original sign on hand will keep you covered if queries arise. If unsure, or if it is a business that you have taken over, check with your local council before replacing any signage.

If you are running a small home-based business in a residential zone, then signs can be put up without a planning permit. On the other hand, if you are operating in an industrial or commercial area then there may be fewer restrictions in putting up signage than for residential areas. There is what is known as an “as of right” signage where a permit is not required, but it is always still a good idea to check with your planning application consultant first.

When is a planning permit required?

When putting up a sign for commercial purposes, especially on property that is not your own, it is always best to seek permission from your local council or advice from a planning consultant as a planning permit will most likely be required.

A-frame signs on the side of a pedestrian pathway or an area classed as a “nature strip” which are temporary in nature still require permission from the Council. If you are looking to advertise your business on the side of a road, path or building using a banner, flag or advertising sign, you will need a permit. This applies to temporary portable advertising boards and permanent signs fixed to a building or structure as well.

Requirements for a planning permit for business signage

Your planning consultant can ensure that you have submitted all the appropriate information for new signage and check to ensure that the right documents are in place. Having to take down a sign that has been put up costs time and money, so having an external person review the submission is always beneficial to your business. They can also advise on what the local council has refused in the past and if there are any specific requirements needed for new signage.

A council will need details on where the sign will be located, the size, height, details of lighting (internal or external), and how the sign will be supported. Your planning consultant can also recommend someone to draw up plans of the sign. However, when it comes to simpler plans you may be able to affordably use commercial design software and edit the sign onto the relevant landscape or background. If you are looking to put up more than one sign (for example, place one on the side of a building and one at the entrance), then each sign must be separately detailed.

Plan ahead to avoid roadblocks later on

In conclusion, it is always best to carefully discuss the signage with your planning consultant before having it produced. A planning consultant will be able to advise if the design will fall foul of local planning policies and highlight important considerations. They can also advise on the type of signs that the local policy requires, along with guidance on lighting and graphics that will inform your signage application.

Investing in the advice of a town planning consultant when it comes to putting up business signage can help you save time, money, and effort in the long run!

Planning Permit for Business Signage

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