Is the Hamburger Helper Skeletons a Skeletal?

is the hamburger helper skeletons a skeletal 36096

You’ve probably noticed the disembodied hand that makes up the Hamburger Helper mascot. He has a face etched on his palm, but is it a skeleton? Recently, a fan asked the company on Twitter what kind of skeleton this is. The company responded with an X-ray of the glove, showing that it’s actually a skeleton with four arms controlling the four fingers.

Although the Helper mascot has responded on Twitter to the controversy, he has not answered all questions. This might be because the skeleton is available in different formats or on the Helper’s web site. Even if the hamburger helper does not respond to our questions we can still view its skeleton online. It’s also possible that the skeleton may be a real human. This would be a good time to make sure the public doesn’t misidentify a mascot – or skeleton in general.

Is the Hamburger Helper Skeletons a Skeletal?
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