Is the Series 1988 a $20 Dollar Bill Worth Collecting?

Is it worth collecting the Series 1988 $20 bill? The answer to that question depends on the condition of the bill. Although $20 bills in circulation are worth only 20 cents each, they can be worth much more if they are uncirculated. Uncirculated 1988 20-dollar bills are worth $50-55 when in MS 63 condition. If you have an uncirculated 1988 20 dollar bill, you’re likely to see a value of more than $100, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the bill is more valuable.

Uncirculated $20 bills are the best way to determine if they are worth collecting. A series 1988 bill with a star is worth around $90-95 in uncirculated condition. These are incredibly rare and should be stored in currency holders. Star notes from 1988 are particularly attractive because they show no signs of ever being circulated. They’re also crisp and well-centered, making them a great option for collecting.

The design of a $20 bill’s bill is one of its most important features. The bill was created in 1988 and features a photograph of the White House, the green seal of the Department of the Treasury, and the word TWENTY. The bill also features the signature of Nicholas F. Brady (Secretary of the Treasury). These two signatures should match. The series year must be identical on the bill. If they’re different, it’s most likely a counterfeit.

The serial number of a $20 bill is also a factor in its value. A bill with a unique serial number or a history or provenance is more valuable than one that has a common serial. For example, a $20 bill that was flown into space would be worth $20 based on its condition, age, and unique history. The average lifespan of a $20 bill in the United States is about seven years.

If it is in good condition, a $20 Series 1988 bill can be worth more that a thousand dollars. A bill with a serial number 1988 can be worth up to $140,000. Most banknotes prior to 1990 are worth less than $140 if they are pristine. Rare serial numbers are even more valuable. And if you have a series 1988 $20 dollar bill that has not been circulated yet, you might have a valuable item that’s worth several hundred thousands of dollars.

While counterfeit bills are similar to the original, they do not have the same serial number. Look for the black Federal Reserve Bank Seal, located just left of the portrait. The Federal Reserve Bank letter should be wrapped around the bill’s border. Although the bill may have four Federal Reserve numbers, the letter will not match the actual serial.

Is the Series 1988 a $20 Dollar Bill Worth Collecting?
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