Jakob Fugger net worth

Jakob Fugger was an important German businessman, mining entrepreneur and banker. He was a descendant of the Fugger merchant family in the Free Imperial City of Augsburg, where he was born and later made a citizen of Augsburg through marriage. How rich is Jakob Fugger?

Entrepreneur. Born on March 6, 1459 in Augsburg, Germany. Jakob Fugger net worth is estimated at around 338 billion euros. Within a few decades, he expanded the family business into a company that is active throughout Europe. He began his education at the age of 14 in Venice, which remained his main residence until 1487. Fugger is considered one of the richest personalities in modern history, alongside early 20th century industrialists John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.

Bourgeois name: Jakob Fugger from the lily
Parents: Jakob Fugger the Elder, Barbara Fugger
Spouse: Sibylla Fugger (married 1498–1525)
Jakob Fugger size: 1.75 m
Nationality: German

What is Jakob Fugger’s net worth?
Jakob Fugger’s fortune at € 338 billion.

Died: December 30, 1525, Augsburg, Germany
Burial place: St. Anna, Augsburg, Germany
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Jakob Fugger net worth

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