Jets Vs Patriots Week 2

New England and the Jets entered Week Two at Meadowlands as 2-2 teams. The Jets led 10-0 at halftime, but New England won 28-21 with 24 unanswered points. The Jets were unable to defend their quarterback and were replaced by Russell Carter. Welker was unable to make a significant impact in the passing game, though he did get a total of 197 yards on 15 catches.

The Jets start the second half on a positive note, scoring a touchdown on a run by Elijah Moore. The score is 31-13, however, as the Jets fail to convert a 2-point conversion. The Jets do not score again for the remaining half. The Patriots keep applying pressure, converting a field-goal and two interceptions.

New England’s defensive line was outstanding against Wilson and his backup, Mike White. The Patriots’ secondary held the Jets’ passing attack in check, limiting them to 253 yards of total offense and one passing touchdown. The Jets only had one turnover, which was thrown by Devin McCourty. The Jets outgained the Patriots 106-20 in the first half. The Jets ran the ball 52x against the Patriots and gained 177 yards. Chris Ivory led the way, while Geno Smith chipped in with six carries for 32 yards.

The Jets started the game on their 25-yard line. After a touchback, they faced a third-and-ten play. The Jets’ defense forced a third down, but they were burned on Jamey Crowder’s 21-yard wheel route. Fortunately, the Jets gained first down on the ground before the Patriots forced the Jets to convert a third-and-six. The Patriots scored a touchdown on their next Patriot drive, but the Jets didn’t have anything to show for it.

Despite these challenges, the Jets’ spirited season was never threatened. The Jets won the division with a win against the Patriots, posting a record of 10-6-4 and a wildcard spot in the playoffs. This was their first playoff game since 1998. Their only playoff appearance came after Super Bowl. They defeated the Patriots in the AFC East and are now AFC Champions.

In the 2013 season, the Jets were 6-2 in their last meeting. They had lost two of their last four games to the Dolphins and the Packers. The Jets lost four of their six home games due to this loss. The loss to Miami gave New England a chance to win the division, and the Jets needed outside help to earn the Wild Card.

The New England Patriots went 3-1 and 2-0 after a 31-19 win against the Oakland Raiders. The Jets entered the game with a 20-16 lead, but Tom Brady’s two-touchdown drives with Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski led to a 30-23 New England victory. BenJarvusGreen-Ellis scored several runs for the Jets.

Jets Vs Patriots Week 2
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