Joe Biden Quotes

Joe Biden

Joe Biden becomes 46th US President; here are some of his powerful quotes

Together with his Victory, Joe Biden, who turns 78 after this month, Has fulfilled his decades-long ambition in his next bid for the White House.


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr has been elected the 46th president of the US on November 7, promising to reestablish political normalcy and a spirit of national unity to face raging health and financial disasters, also producing Donald J Trump a one-term president after four decades of tumult from the White House. Below are a few of his strong quotes.


In my heart,

I’m confident

I could make a

good president.


No one ever

doubts that I

mean what I say.

The problem is I

sometimes say all

that I mean.


The greatest gift

is the ability to

forget – to forget

the bad things and

focus on the good.


The effects of

climate change are

real and must be

acted on



For too long in

this society, we

have celebrated


individualism over

common community


Reality has a

way of intruding.

Reality eventually

intrudes on



No fundamental social

change occurs merely

because government acts.

It’s because civil society,

the conscience of a

country, begins to rise up

and demand change


Our future cannot

depend on the

government alone.

The ultimate solutions

lie in the attitudes

and the actions of the

American people


Life is a matter

of really tough


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Joe Biden Quotes

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