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A Closer Look at John Allard

One of the most influential figures in the world is John Allard, and he’s known for his many accomplishments. Read on to learn about his early life, his education, his professional career, his honors, and his net worth.

Early Life and Education

Allard was an educator who touched a number of lives. His accomplishments included the development of an Academic Decathlon program and a state-wide Spelling Competition. He also served on the California State Parks Commission.

John Brereton Allard was born in Willows, California. He attended Sacramento City College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. From there, he taught in Turlock and Denair, and later served as superintendent of Waterford and Delta Island school districts.

In 1979, Allard was appointed superintendent of the Stanislaus County Schools. For the next 12 years, he helped to develop programs to help local students.

One of these was the Occupational Olympics and Career Exposition. The other was the Juvenile Hall Year-Round Education Program. Both were part of Allard’s legacy.

Another great example is the Busy Book series. These books feature colorful illustrations and irresistible toddlers.

Professional Career

John Allard’s professional career started as a teacher. He then became the Cartoon Strips Editor at the Daily Mirror. During this time, he helped shape the page of the Daily Mirror and redefined cartoons.

In his later years, he worked as an antitrust attorney, an entrepreneur, and an administrator. He also served in the Army during World War II and received the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained during the Battle of the Bulge.

After a 10-year stint at the University of Chicago, he returned to the area. Despite his pioneer status, he had to face it with grace.

He was instrumental in implementing programs for the educational community, especially for children. Among these were the Occupational Olympics and the Career Exposition. He was also the developer of Special Education Early Intervention Mock Trials.

Achievements and Honors

Allard’s accomplishments include serving as an educator, geologist, and naturalist. He has had a hand in the development of numerous programs that serve local students. One of these is the Academic Decathlon. The event has been emulated by schools throughout the country.

Allard has a passion for the north. His work has helped to shape policy making in the Arctic. As part of this effort, he has conducted research in the Nunavik region of northern Quebec. Additionally, he has been instrumental in bringing new technology to bear in permafrost studies.

In addition to his accomplishments, he is the father of three children. Allard, who passed away in 2004, was preceded in death by his wife, Betty LaRue Brown. The family will honor his memory with a memorial at the First Presbyterian Church in Turlock.

Personal Life

John Allard’s Personal Life started in Willows, California. He was born to Lucinda Blake and John Kennett Allard.

In his early years, John Allard was a member of the Student Council. While in high school, he joined the “A” squad on the varsity football team. During World War II, Allard served in the Army. He received a Purple Heart.

Later, he attended Sacramento State College. He then went to the University of Oklahoma. His parents founded a dry cleaning business. Despite being a young man, Allard was a respected businessman in downtown Norman.

Allard was an active naturalist. He helped to develop educational programs for children. One of these programs was the Academic Decathlon. Throughout his career, Allard made numerous contributions to the educational community in California.

Net Worth

John Allard’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. He is currently working as a meteorologist at KIRO 7 in Seattle.

His wealth is split among mutual funds and various stocks. He also owns several car dealerships in Texas. The company he founded, FarSight Studios, was launched in 1988.

His wife is also very rich. Her trust is a large sum of stock in Qualcomm and Mastercard. In addition, she has millions in hedge funds.

J Allard has not shared his exact age, ethnicity, and height with the public. However, he did receive an honorary degree from Boston University. A few years after his graduation, he traveled to New Zealand for the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

Allard served on the Windows Sockets organization. He also helped to create the Xbox Live platform. As the CTO of the Entertainment and Devices Division, he recruited third-party developers to help build the Xbox software.

John Allard

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