John Chiakulas

John Chiakulas

John Chiakulas was born in Chicago, Illinois. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in education from Chicago State University and his Juris Doctor from John Marshall Law School.

He had been a lawyer and negotiator representing teachers in labor disputes since the 1960s. Additionally, he served on the Chicago Council on Justice for Cyprus – an organization which raised awareness about Turkey’s 1974 occupation of part of Cyprus – which assisted with resolutions regarding Turkey’s occupation.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are vitally important for their cognitive and social development. Children who have strong emotional foundations in an environment where they feel known, cared for, and inspired to learn can better prepare themselves for later challenges.

Children develop essential emotional skills throughout their childhood, such as self-assurance, regulation of emotions, self-expression and respect. These capacities equip them with the capacity to engage in healthy risk taking and problem solving with greater ease.

It is for this reason that UNESCO has identified early childhood education as one of the most essential investments a country can make, since it promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion. These are the building blocks for educational success, economic productivity, responsible citizenship and lifelong health.

Professional Career

John Chiakulas is an accomplished professional with an impressive resume. He’s spent countless hours in the kitchen of LEYE restaurants around Chicago and beyond, known for his innovative culinary techniques and uncompromising commitment to quality. John also travels extensively, exploring worlds of fine wine and cuisine on a global level. Not only that, but John is also an ardent philanthropist whose beneficiaries include some of history’s renowned restaurateurs. Not to be outdone by these luminaries, John also manages to lead an active life of his own.

Achievements and Honors

As the Corporate Chef for LEYE, John has been an integral part of their success. His accomplishments include designing both Foodlife and Foodease markets in Water Tower Place as well as founding Beatrix bar in Streeterville. Furthermore, John helped develop many other LEYE concepts like Antico Posto and Mity Nice Grill. Besides his culinary accolades, John also holds a law degree from Chicago State University and Juris Doctorate from John Marshall College; testament to his hard work that continues to inspire him every day to find new culinary innovations.

Personal Life

John Chiakulas is married and the proud parent of a daughter. He currently resides at 211 Eric Ave in Mount Prospect, IL where he was born on December 18, 1956 in Chicago and is now 59 years old.

Chiakulas was a lawyer and union negotiator who had been working for teachers since the 1960s, according to his son-in-law Paul Chronis. In the late 1950s he became director of Illinois Education Association’s regional office and represented teachers in labor disputes. Additionally, he served on the board of directors at Chicago Public Schools and was active within their teacher union. Additionally, he ran for Congressional seat in 1989 and 49th ward alderman in 1991 before succumbing to heart disease on June 1, 2018.

John Chiakulas

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