John Chipura

John Chipura – A Hero in the City

John Chipura began his journey towards service at age 12 as an enthusiastic Boy Scout. He went on to serve in various capacities such as Marine, NYC Police Detective, and eventually Firefighter for New York City.

He had firsthand knowledge of terrorism’s devastating effects, having endured the 1983 bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut. According to Gerard, after returning from Lebanon, John became more affectionate towards people and would stop more often to say “I love you”–an insight which shaped his brother’s legacy as an accomplished public servant.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Before he tragically lost his life on September 11th, 2001, John Chipura had already achieved great things within the community. He earned an Eagle Scout rank and belonged to Boy Scout Troop 21; he served as a mentor for many and recently graduated from firefighter training.

He served two tours in the Marine Corps and earned an honorable discharge before returning home to Staten Island where he joined the New York City Police Department, rising to detective in Brooklyn’s 72nd Precinct. Subsequently, he transferred to FDNY, following in his father and brother’s footsteps.

He masterfully executed even the most challenging firefighting maneuvers, earning him a place of honor among colleagues, family and friends. His legacy lives on through fundraising initiatives by The John G. Chipura Foundation and an annual blood drive held in his honor that has saved countless lives.

Achievements and Honors

John Chipura lived a life of service and died as an inspiring hero. A native Staten Islander, John began his service at an early age by joining Boy Scout Troop 21.

He served his community as both a Marine and police detective, earning him numerous accolades for his contributions.

In 1983, while serving in Beirut, Lebanon, he miraculously survived a terrorist attack at his barracks.

On his return to the States, Chipura joined the New York Police Department and quickly rose through the ranks to detective in Brooklyn’s 72nd Precinct, Brooklyn South Narcotics. To continue serving his community, he also joined the city Fire Department in 1998.

Personal Life

Staten Islander John Chipura was in the Marines when he endured one of history’s most horrific terrorist attacks. A suicide bomber drove a truck filled with explosives into his barracks in Beirut, Lebanon – leaving him barely alive.

Chipura continued his community service after being honorably discharged from the Marines. He served seven years at 72nd Precinct, then dedicated three years to Brooklyn South Narcotics before joining the fire department and graduating from its Academy in 1998.

Chipura’s brother, Gerard, believes the Marine’s experience in Beirut shaped his brother’s perspective of life and service. In addition to his FDNY service, Chipura was active in the Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout and Assistant Scout Master.

John Chipura

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