John Houts

John Houts

John Houts is an American lawyer who has been practicing law for 44 years. He is renowned for his expertise in personal injury cases.

He is renowned for his expertise in recreational boating litigation, having handled thousands of cases in the past.

Early Life and Education

John Houts has long been an ardent supporter of humanity, being a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and American Law Institute. As an attorney in government service, he has held various leadership roles on Capitol Hill.

John has achieved great success professionally, yet his professional accomplishments do not stop there. His two children, Anya and Dylan, both of whom are currently attending high school, complete his family.

He also has a sister, Marita, and two cousins Dominic and Alyssa; they have been close for many years. Additionally, he has always supported his wife Wanda; whether it’s an enjoyable day, difficult day or just plain boring one – he will always be there for her.

Professional Career

John was not only a dedicated family man, but an accomplished professional as well. John had been a partner at Houts & Associates law firm for over two decades. He has a broad range of expertise, with an emphasis on personal injury litigation – particularly cases involving recreational boating and bus bench fatality claims. One of his greatest accomplishments was founding a successful spinoff practice at his satellite offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, California. Aside from his swashbuckling lawyer persona, he was also an excellent team player and fierce advocate for his clients’ rights. If you’re in the market for a new car, home or legal representation – don’t settle for anything less than excellence – don’t settle!

Achievements and Honors

Houts has had an illustrious career that has lasted more than three decades. Throughout that time, he has held positions at numerous establishments and been honored with numerous honors along the way.

His achievements have earned him a place of honor in the media industry. He has written or co-written articles for multiple publications and produced multiple TV shows.

One of his more remarkable accomplishments was being recognized for writing a book. Published in The New York Times, his work was recognized by the Association of Authors and Publishers as a best seller. Entitled “The Best of Times: The First Ten Years of The New York Times Magazine”, this must-read for any fan of media history is available both print and digital formats – making it essential reading for media professionals everywhere.

Personal Life

John houts was a beloved husband, father, Papa and friend to many. A master carpenter by trade, an outdoorsman by passion, he enjoyed spending his weekends on West Lake in Portage Michigan building rock walls and going rafting or fishing.

He was an active member of First Presbyterian Church, serving in numerous positions including that of renovation committee chair. Additionally, he had an exceptional golf game, bowling skillset and tennis talent to match.

On Saturday morning in New York at JFK airport, Woodward was arrested and will be extradited to Mountain View. A police press release states that DNA evidence has been discovered connecting him to the death of Houts – a computer engineer found strangled near her workplace at Adobe Systems back in September 1992.

Net Worth

On Saturday morning at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, a California man suspected of the murder of a computer engineer was arrested and will soon be extradited back to California for trial.

He is accused of strangling 25-year-old Laurie Houts, seven years younger than him, on September 5, 1992 near her workplace at Adobe Systems in Mountain View, California. According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office, she was found choked to death with a rope tied around her neck.

He was tried twice in the case during the 1990s, but both trials were dismissed for lack of evidence. Officers found his fingerprints outside her car but couldn’t prove he was inside it. The district attorney’s office stated most of the evidence to be speculative and weak.

John Houts

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