John Kroterfield

John Kroterfield, 40, of Sherwood, Ohio, Passed

Away on August 6, 2016

Tamilee Perry, 40, of Sherwood, Ohio passed away Saturday, August 6, 2016. She was born October 11, 1975 in Bryan, Ohio to Charles C. and Rachel (Breininger) Kroterfield.

On January 17, 2014 in Sherwood, Ohio, she wed John Perry. Survived by her husband and two children as well as her parents and siblings, she is also survived by her husband and mother.

Professional Career

John Kroterfield is an accomplished executive with a diverse professional background. He excels at managing complex projects and achieving outstanding outcomes, while building strong relationships with colleagues and customers while setting clear direction. John has broad expertise and enthusiasm for innovation; thus making him an ideal leader who can drive business growth by identifying revenue opportunities and managing cultural differences. Furthermore, John has experience working on air travel deals, high-tech retail outlets and e-Commerce stores alike.

He is the husband and father of two children. Survived by his wife, Tamilee Perry; as well as her mother Rachel Kroterfield. Additionally, Pastor Vincent (Anna) Kroterfield from Paulding and Charles E. Kroterfield from Fort Worth, Texas are his brothers.

Achievements and Honors

John’s competitive nature propelled him into a variety of sporting endeavors. He led several intramural teams to championships and was an enthusiastic LSU Tiger basketball and football fan.

John was the team captain for both football and wrestling teams while at Wyoming Seminary, earning him recognition among his peers as Outstanding Football Player and Wrestler. Additionally, John participated in both the National Junior Olympic Tournament and Prep School National Tournament as a member of their respective squads.

John was a four-year starter and team captain in wrestling at West Chester State College, earning him the title of East Coast Conference Champion and NCAA Division 1 qualifier with over 100 collegiate victories.

Personal Life

Kroterfield is a dedicated family man, but that doesn’t stop him from treating himself to some high-end items occasionally. One of his prize possessions is an impressive hula hoop worthy of the finest grade of tequila on tap. Additionally, he’s working on getting binoculars which may prove difficult to control! But most importantly, the most difficult challenge for this phrenologist has been not becoming an overbearing jerk and being an excellent neighbour – something which hasn’t always come naturally in the past; having endured some pranks along the way but now can truly be considered an elegant gentleman.

Net Worth

Tamilee Perry passed away on August 6, 2016. At 40 years old, she is survived by her husband John A. Kroterfield; mother Rachel Kroterfield of Sherwood; two children Callie Braun from Sherwood and Madison Braun from Pioneer; brother Pastor Vincent (Anna) Kroterfield from Paulding, Ohio; sister Kerrie Kessinger from Napoleon, Ohio; nieces Faith Kroterfield, Starr and Skyyya Kessinger; uncle Jim “Satch” Moore also of Sherwood; as well as father Charles C. Kroterfield and brother Charles E. Kroterfield who preceded her in death respectively. Estimated net worth: $50-74K

John Kroterfield

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