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John Nevra is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with special interests in cerebrovascular disease and stroke. Additionally, his work encompasses endovascular technology as well as clinical outcomes research.

He is currently affiliated with Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital in Seattle, Washington and accepts several insurance plans. For more information about your coverage options and to make an appointment, contact his office today!

Early Life and Education

Following Domitian’s assassination in 96, the Roman Senate appointed Nerva to the throne. Due to his age and poor health, as well as lack of children, Nerva seemed like a likely candidate to rule for only a short while until a more stable ruler could be found.

His reign in Rome lasted one year, four months and nine days, according to historians. During this time he seemed more intent on maintaining the status quo than ushering in a new era.

His governance style was similar to Augustus’. While he sought to restore Senatorial involvement, he relied heavily on his immediate staff for most of the empire’s administration.

Nerva also implemented measures to rein in government spending and bring excessive state religious ceremonies back down to a more reasonable level. He provided generous gifts to citizens and soldiers in an effort to gain their support, and pardoned or released Christians who had been imprisoned or exiled by Domitian.

Achievements and Honors

Nerva was the first of Rome’s “Five Good Emperors,” leading it through a time of unprecedented prosperity. He brought stability to the Roman Empire and instituted some social and financial reforms that would remain lasting for centuries to come.

He also implemented some innovative economic policies that helped alleviate taxation for the poor. He restored roads and aqueducts, built granaries, repaired the Colosseum after it flooded, allotted land to those in need, relaxed a Jewish tax imposed by Vespasian, instituted new laws restricting public games, and exercised greater oversight over government finances.

He passed away in January 98 and was honored by his adoptive son Trajan, who interred his ashes in the mausoleum of Augustus and requested that the Senate deify him. This honor likely stemmed from his role in uncovering Domitian’s palace conspiracy.

Personal Life

Nerva was a wise ruler renowned for his compassion and kind heart. Despite his brief reign, he laid the foundations for Emperor Trajan’s future by adopting him as his heir, ensuring an orderly transfer of power.

In his short reign, Nerva was able to unite Romans across the empire. This earned him widespread admiration among historians.

Many feared the death of Nerva would spark civil war, yet this never materialized. Instead, Nerva adopted Marcus Ulpius Traianus – a provincial non-Italian from Hispania – as his heir and successor in October 97 CE. While this decision may have been resented by the Senate, it ultimately prevented dangerous levels of political dissention which could have lead to the next emperor being assassinated.

Net Worth

John Nereva was born in Italy on November 8, 1930 and quickly rose to become a world leader (profession). We have updated his estimated net worth, salary, income, cars, lifestyles and other details below. As one of the richest World Leaders he also holds political and military honors. With an international fanbase that spans across continents and many acclaimed publications worldwide – John nerva keeps his personal life private; however he has been known to date multiple people at different points in time – check back often to discover more about his romantic relationships! We will update this page with any new relationship details as soon as available

John Nerva

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