John Sommerville

John Sommerville

John Sommerville was an internationally renowned scholar of ethics and social philosophy, as well as an expert on Marxism. He dedicated himself to opposing the Cold War and fostering dialogue between Soviet and American philosophers.

He was a member of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Dialectical Materialism and later founded the International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide (IPPNO). Additionally, he served on the Committee of Concerned Americans for World Peace.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Sommerville began his professional career in the lumber industry. As a lumber cruiser, he marked trees that would be cut into logs for Peter Thomson and Sons Lumber Company.

Sommerville went on to build Hotel Somerville, an iconic African American hotel in Los Angeles and became a prominent Civil Rights activist.

He was a founding member and president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Los Angeles, as well as co-founding the City of Los Angeles Civil Rights Commission.

Throughout his life, he was dedicated to global reconciliation and the pursuit of justice for all. Additionally, he worked tirelessly to educate and empower children.

Achievements and Honors

John Somerville made a profound impact on philosophy. As an expert on ethics and social philosophy, as well as an internationally renowned expert on Marxism, his work had an immense impact.

He worked tirelessly for peace and human decency, often coming to conflict with his fellow philosophers.

However, he refused to let racism get the better of him and went on to graduate first in his class with the highest score ever recorded at that time.

Somerville went on to become one of Los Angeles’ premier property developers and civic activists. He also opened a dental practice at 4th and Broadway, in the heart of LA’s Black business district.

Personal Life

He was a devout Catholic who dedicated his life to service and love. As deacon, he led funeral services, celebrated sacraments, and gave Communion to those in need.

He and his wife Vada Watson also contributed to the construction of affordable housing for people of color in Los Angeles, creating La Vada Apartments in 1925.

Somerville endured the stock market crash of 1929, yet he bounced back and entered politics. In 1936, he became California’s first Black delegate to a Democratic national convention.

John Sommerville was a renowned author, businessman, and distinguished citizen of Los Angeles. His accolades included being awarded both the Order of the British Empire and Knighthood of the British Order of Merit.

Net Worth

John Sommerville was a Black businessman and politician who strived to reach his objectives. Born in Jamaica, he relocated to San Francisco when it became increasingly difficult for Blacks to live there.

He eventually moved to Los Angeles and worked hard despite racism and discrimination to provide his family with a stable life.

He and his wife Vada Watson eventually constructed La Vada, a 26-unit apartment building called La Vada in 1924. Additionally, the Sommervilles founded the Los Angeles chapter of NAACP out of their living room and worked to construct housing for an advancing Black population.

John Sommerville

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