Johnny de Mol fortune

John de Mol is a Dutch media magnate and television producer. De Mol is one of the men behind the production companies Endemol and Talpa. He is best known as the creator of the original Dutch versions of Big Brother and The Voice. How rich is Johnny de Mol?

Television producer. Born on April 24, 1955 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Johnny de Mol fortune is estimated at around 2 billion euros. In 1997-1999 he developed the very popular reality television series Big Brother with his eponymous production company, John de Mol Produkties. In 1994 his company merged with Joop van den Ende TV-Producties to form Endemol, but it still operated independently. He also produced Fear Factor, Love Letters, 1 vs. 100 and Deal or No Deal (Miljoenenjacht) for Endemol. De Mol sold his stake in Endemol to Telefónica in 2000 but continued to work as creative director until 2004. In 2005, he was listed on Forbes Magazine’s list of the 500 Richest People in the World.

Bourgeois name: Johannes Hendrikus Hubert de Mol Jr.
Spouse: Willeke Alberti (married 1976–1980)
Children: Johnny de Mol
Johnny de Mol size: 1.74 m
Nationality: hong kong chinese
His career began: 1962

What is Johnny de Mol’s net worth?
Johnny de Mol’s net worth is currently € 2 billion.

Johnny de Mol Movies and TV Shows: Vipers Nest, Gooische Vrouwen 2, The Voice of Holland, Newtopia.
Is also often searched for: Joop van den Ende, Søren Lerby, Bridget Maasland, VanVelzen.

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Johnny de Mol fortune

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