The Richest Celebrities in the World – Josh Royal Net Worth

Net worth

If you’re looking to add another $12.6 million to your wealth, you can do so by joining the ranks of the richest celebrities in the world. In other words, Josh Royal has an estimated net worth of $12.6 million. Net worth is the value of one’s assets minus their total liabilities. This figure can be positive or negative, depending on the individual’s net economic situation. Their net worth is defined as the number of their liabilities that exceeds their assets.

Zodiac sign

Gemini is Josh Royal’s astrological sign. Astrologers say that Gemini is expressive and quick-witted, that it is a combination of two different personalities, and that you will never know which one you will face. They are fun-loving, communicative, and social, but they can quickly become serious, reflective, and restless. They are extremely curious and enthralled by the world as a whole, but they never seem to have enough time to see everything they want to.


His wife Rose is also worth a considerable amount of money. She has two children, Pearl, who was born in October 2017, as well as Cassius, who was born in May 2017. When Josh was in Rio for work, the couple announced their relationship. They exchanged several romantic posts on Valentine’s Day, which increased the public’s awareness of their relationship. In recent years, Josh’s net worth has been steadily increasing.


Josh Royal, a sixth-generation Charlestonian, started his entrepreneurial career as a teenager. Later, he sold his nutritional supplement to an international supplement company. Royal is now the Chairman of Aventus, a company that provides omnichannel customer support services to DTC brands. And he is an active member of several charities. He is a member of the Walk to Defeat ALS and Lost n Found in Atlanta. Josh also donates school supplies to many causes including the Palmetto Project.


Josh attributes his business success to the trust that others have placed in him, lessons he has learned throughout his life.Today, Josh works to recognize other people’s investments in his future by investing in others’ futures.He is actively involved in Lost n Found, an Atlanta-based organization that helps homeless children, Walk To Defeat, the Salvation Army Christmas Project, which ensures that underprivileged children receive gifts on Christmas morning, and the Palmetto Project, which annually donates school supplies.


Josh lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his talented and supportive wife, Liz, and his not-so-talented Frenchies, Audric and Gemma. Critics are loud, but success is louder,” says a world traveler who enjoys playing tennis, boating on weekends, classic cars, and summer hikes in the mountains.

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The Richest Celebrities in the World – Josh Royal Net Worth
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