Karl-Heinz Kipp net worth

Karl-Heinz Kipp was a German billionaire and founder of the department store chain Massa. He sold the business but kept the property and had a large real estate portfolio. How rich is Karl-Heinz Kipp?

Entrepreneur. Born on February 12, 1924 in Alzey, Germany. Karl-Heinz Kipp net worth is estimated at around 4.1 billion euros. Kipp started his career selling clothes in 1948 and opened his first Massa department store in 1965. At the beginning of the 1970s, Kipp built the first large-scale consumer market on the “green field”. Within a few years, 30 more Massa supermarkets followed in southwest Germany. In 1986 the Massa supermarkets went public; the following year he sold his last stake in the operational business of the Massa supermarkets, which were later merged into the Metro.

Bourgeois name: Karl-Heinz Kipp
Children: Ursula Bechtolsheimer-Kipp, Ernst-Ludwig Kipp
Karl-Heinz Kipp size: 1.78 m
Nationality: German-Swiss
His career began: 1948-2017

What is the net worth of Karl-Heinz Kipp?
Karl-Heinz Kipp’s assets are currently € 4.1 billion.

Established organization: Massa
Is also often searched for: Heinz-Georg Baus, Theo Müller, Carl Hester, Laura Tomlinson.

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Karl-Heinz Kipp net worth

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