Key Elements of a Good Event Ticketing Website

Key Elements of a Good Event Ticketing Website

The two most important facets of a good event ticketing website are the user experience (UX) and the website’s functionality. The more streamlined your event website is, the more likely it will be that attendees will register for your event. To make your event ticketing website smooth running some key elements are needed to be integrated. Here are some key elements that will help you create a great event ticketing system:

 1. Event name and logo

If you are planning or organizing an event or festival, it’s essential to have a great event name and logo. Whether it’s an event for your company, for a charity, or for yourself, the name and logo will be the first thing people see. So make sure it’s noticeably placed on every essential page.

 2. Event banner image/images

The Event Banner is one of the most effective ways of communicating your events with your clients. It’s the first thing your clients see when they visit your event website. It sets the tone for the whole experience. The event banner image or images are used to represent your events, shows, and festivals. They have become a prominent tool in branding. The event banners are usually large, so they play an important role in brand recognition.

 3. Location, Date, and Time

When you include a location in your event, it’s helpful to see the venue and associated map on your event page. This provision is provided by all the renowned event ticketing websites. There should be the provision to provide the date, time, and duration, and based on this information event ticketing website determine when the event will start and end. This information is used for many purposes.

 4. Speaker details/event description and agenda

Your event description is your chance to sell your event on the internet. Don’t just list what your event is about – tell the reader why your event is important. Use bullet points to break down your main points. Use strong verbs to capture their interest. Include a call to action. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do next. In case you are organizing a speaker event, in lieu of writing an event description include a short biography of the speaker and the topic he is going to talk about. So the place to write the event description should be placed near the top of the place. 

 5. Call to action button

Essential call-to-action buttons should be placed properly on an event ticketing website. CTA buttons like ”sign up for free” or “Book now” is the most popular CTA buttons on any event ticketing website. Your potential attendee should find your CTA buttons easily.

 6. Testimonials/reviews from previous events/social proof

As consumers, we rely heavily on social proof and testimonials when making purchasing decisions. In fact, testimonials/reviews from previous events, and even social proof (i.e., a customer who purchased event tickets previously) can go a long way toward convincing buyers. To add credibility to your event, include reviews from previous happy clients of your events.

Customer Feedback

 7. Registration form/Attendee form

With Easy Event Registration, your users will register for an event without leaving your site. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, family reunion, party, trade show, or business conference, easy Event Registration will help you streamline the process of creating your event with ease. A customizable attendee form can collect all the essential information from the attendees which will be helpful for the organizers to easy management of the event and attendee data.

 8. FAQs

When someone registers for an event, they often want to know the answers to a few questions before they go through the process or they may stumble while creating an event or looking for an event. FAQs can be a great way to set the answers to the questions that may arise in the mind of the organizers and attendees.

 9. Social media share buttons

Share buttons are important on your website because they allow you to share content with your audience. These buttons give you the ability to share content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Internet Marketing has become very popular nowadays.

 10. Contact information of event organizers

Attendees may often need to contact event organisers, that’s why there should be provision to give the proper contact information of the organizers and it should be easily visible to the attendees. The essential contact information like phone numbers and Email addresses should be provided. Contact information also builds trust among attendees.


With a bit of effort and creativity, you can include all the above-mentioned elements in an event ticketing website to make it professional and easy to use. Also, include cutting-edge event technology to make your event ticketing platform stand out.

Key Elements of a Good Event Ticketing Website

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