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Hacked Website – Here’s How to Get Rid of Malware

Cybercriminals are always looking for a website with weak security to steal information and data. In case your website is not well protected, your site might fall a victim to a cyber-attack. Hackers usually use malware because they’re malicious, dangerous and not very easy to detect. If once a website or computer gets infected by […]

How to Know and Choose a Good Web Host and Hosting Plan

For bloggers who may find it difficult to select a good web host for their blog, this article is for you. Not all web hosts on the web are good, I’ve tried some hosting companies and I had to quit using those hosts because they did not give me the services I needed. Currently, some […]

Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

I guess you’re on this page because you really want to make money online, probably you’ve heard that your friends are making it big online and you want to do the same. To you, failure is not an option so you really want to make it in 2021. So many of the world’s billionaires have […]

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