Kids Helping Kids

Since 2010, the Kids Helping Kid concert series has been held in Santa Barbara. Five for Fighting (2010), Sara Bareilles, Tyrone Wells, and Tim Lopez in 2011, 2012, and Gavin DeGraw and Jon McLaughlin in 2017. Many of these artists have been Grammy nominated and platinum-certified. Live auction will be held at the event, with all proceeds going towards worthy causes.

State Farm grant

State Farm announced last month the recipients of their second annual grant to Kids Helping Children. This year, 40 organizations were selected from among nearly 2,000 applications to receive a $25,000 grant. The winners were determined by a public vote. The program is focused on families with special needs, education and case management. State Farm is proud to support this important work. This grant will help local nonprofits continue their good work.

State Farm grants will enable IM Kids 3rd Meal to distribute nutritious meals to children living in Montcalm and Ionia counties. The grant is one of the many ways State Farm is giving back to the community. IM Kids 3rd Meal will help more than 110 local schools in Ionia and Montcalm counties, including the San Juan Capistrano school district. The community will benefit from the program’s events and community outreach programs.

In spring 2013, a new branch of Kids Helping Kids opened in Sacramento. The group now serves more than 5,000 children throughout the Bay Area. The group now hopes to expand its reach nationally. State Farm will fly its representatives across the country to fund the expansion of the group. The youth Advisory Board has awarded over $24 million to community organizations that implement service-learning. Kids Helping Kids will be able to expand their work in new cities with the State Farm grant.

Kids Helping Children was founded in response to a San Marcos High School school economics class. Jamie Devries wanted to change the atmosphere of the class and provide the students with an application of AP Economics principles in the real world. With the help of local businesses, the nonprofit was able to organize the first benefit concert. The concert raised more than $20,000. The grant from State Farm Youth Advisory Board will allow Kids Helping Kids Sacramento to continue its work.

Deckers Outdoor Corporation title sponsor

The company’s efforts in the area of outdoor recreation are centered around three core objectives: promoting motorsports-themed entertainment events across the U.S., designing and distributing footwear and apparel, and providing services to resorts and other outdoor recreation facilities. It also produces and distributes sports-related content, including podcasts, radio programs, and games. Its products are sold through a network of retail stores, catalogs, and websites.

Jennifer Rosenberg’s Bat Mitzvah gift

Earlier this month, NPR aired a special about t-shirts and their history. Jennifer Rosenberg was the original owner of one t-shirt. The name tag was ironed. The shirt was given away in 1993, and was accidentally found in Kenya in 1993. Producers set out to find Jennifer through Jewish geography and Facebook. Jennifer, now a Rabbi, was shocked and moved by the story.

Summer of Service project

In “A Summer of Service: Changing the World,” three families with 14 children come together to discuss their weekly service contributions and how to plan summer fun. Each family member illustrates a goal with a target and the children learn how to put their community, home, and state first. By focusing on serving other people and their surroundings, they can better understand and appreciate the little things in life. In “A Summer of Service: Changing the World,” the three families discuss how to inspire their children to serve their community, state, and country.

Volunteering can also include organizing a basket baby shower for a local family in need. Check with a local family services organization to find a good family to shower with gifts. Another option is to organize a “critical needs” drive to collect new items for shelters and foster children. Loving Hugs and Stuffed Animals for Emergency are two non-profit organizations. Volunteers need to attend training on June 26 before assembling and delivering supplies by Aug. 6.

Volunteering for a book drive or children’s book group can help local libraries provide books for underprivileged children. You can also write thank-you notes to local fire and police departments. Volunteers can also plant trees and wildflowers. Make sure to get permission from your town first, and plan ahead so the local wildlife will notice your efforts. If you want to show off your sleight of hand, you can perform magic tricks or deliver meals to homebound people.

It is important to teach your children service skills. A Summer of Service project is a great way to encourage your kids to develop these values. Your kids will learn how to give without expecting anything in return. There are many ways to teach your children how you can serve. Ask them what they would like to do. You might be surprised at the amount of fun they have helping others.

Activate Good’s Kids Helping Kids

Activate Good’s Kids Helping Kids program is a great place to start. It connects people with volunteer opportunities. Kids can get involved with local programs such as the Wake County Summer of Service, the No Woman, No Girl Initiative, and Wake Up and Read, which provides literacy resources for kids in low-income communities. Activate Good is open to third- through ninth-graders. They can also participate in local projects.

The organization works with more than 500 nonprofits and acts as a mediator between volunteers and the organizations in greatest need. Co-founded by Amber Smith, Activate Good recognizes the need for strategically placed volunteers and makes it easier for people to join in. It allows volunteers to travel to the right places at just the right time to help families and children in need. Activate Good also gives volunteers valuable skills that can be used to apply for jobs at local nonprofits.

Activate Good’s summer of service program offers Wake Tech students a unique opportunity for leadership development and to work with community service organizations. First Horizon Foundation, a supporter, funds a Wake Tech internship that allows students to earn while serving. These students are overseeing the program. In addition to helping local nonprofits with their missions, volunteers can also earn a salary, as long as they are committed to the cause.

Kids Helping Kids
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