Instagram Influencer Marketing:  How Does it work?

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Instagram influencer marketing has become a profitable niche for social media users. All you need is to build your community to start earning from advertising. With over  1 billion monthly users, Instagram has grown to become a powerful platform for both advertisers and marketers.

The good news about influencers is that they can be used to persuade others by virtue of their credibility. In Fact, most people would easily purchase or buy products from a brand once it is endorsed by an influencer. As such, many Instagram users are now working hard to become influencers and generate revenue from advertising.

Today many brands are now collaborating with established influencers to expand the scope of their audience and reach out to new markets. However, some studies indicate that 80% of marketers attest that influencer marketing is more effective than other marketing strategies.

Unlike other social media platforms, you can easily become an Instagram influencer even if you don’t command a huge following. All this is dependent on the quality of content that you share with the target audience.

Are you stuck on how to get started with Instagram influencer marketing? In this article, we explore how  Instagram influencer marketing works.

#1. Content Creation

Before you think about how to become an Instagram influencer, you should first identify your area of interest. Being that influencer marketing is content-oriented, it is important to know how you will package the content that you intend to share with your audience.

The more creative and high-quality content you can share with your audience, the more people you can attract. This is because people rely on the content you share with them to understand what your brand is all about.

#2. Networking

The success of any influencer marketing strategy is dependent on how you network with other people in your niche. This may not only involve contacting other players in your industry requesting them for a possible collaboration but also sharing what you do with other people.

The more people get to know you the more they are likely to follow up on your posts and share them with their friends. You should therefore invest more time and effort in establishing a relationship with the target audience to improve the potential of growing your portfolio.

#3. Community Building

The success of influencer marketing heavily relies on the number of followers you generate for your Instagram account. Perhaps it may be necessary to start with establishing a strong social media presence to cut through the noise and get noticed.

Once you get noticed, it becomes easier to appeal to the target audience and attract new followers. The bottom line is that you should create useful content that resonates well with the target audience. The more targeted you are the more you are likely to get people glued to your content and increase your followers.

Similar to other social media platforms, most advertisers are likely to promote their products through your platform depending on the number of followers you have. The higher the number of followers the more dollars you are likely to earn from marketers.

Even though buying Instagram followers is an ideal trick you can use to grow your audience, you can blend both online advertising and engagement to increase the potential of getting more followers. The more active you are on social media the easier you can win the trust of followers.

Once people trust you, they will ultimately share your content with their friends. This not only comes with sharing content consistently but also building a strong online portfolio that makes people trust you.

#4. Engaging With The Audience

Influencer marketing thrives through engagement. The more engaged audience you have the more credible you look in front of potential advertisers. In fact, one of the key criteria that advertisers look for before collaborating with influencers is the ratio between the number of followers and engagement.

If you have tons of followers with zero engagement then you are unlikely to appeal to advertisers. With more followers and zero engagement, you not only risk losing followers but also raise questions about your credibility.

Therefore if you choose to buy Instagram followers from to grow your profile, you should ensure you purchase from credible platforms, many others available in the internet space. That way, you not only reduce the risk of buying fake followers but also grow your Instagram account organically.

When you engage with your audience, you stand a chance to build a relationship with them and increase the potential of having loyal followers. These followers can not only help grow your Instagram account but also build trust with the target audience.

#5. Relationship Building

Influencer marketing involves building relationships with the target audience. Once you identify what your target audience likes, you can channel your content strategy in that direction. In the long run, you stand a chance to create a buzz for your platform.

Remember the more active you are in the social space the more you can attract new followers. With Instagram being visual-oriented, you can leverage the feature to share helpful information that will leave followers asking for more.

For non-drop Instagram followers, it is important to directly engage with the audience. This involves responding to their comments and answering questions that may have about your posts.

#6. Running Contests

To get new followers, you can run contests or polls about various issues in your niche. For example, you can collaborate with various brands to run contests and offer giveaways. Besides getting new followers, the strategy is effective in building a strong online presence.

While running contests is an effective trick you can use to build your community, investing time in creating high-quality content is critical in the entire process. However, these contests should not only be relevant to your audience but also offer what they promise. In other words, never promise what you can’t offer.

Failure to give what you promise is a recipe for credibility questions that may injure your reputation. As a consequence, you may not achieve a match with your Instagram account if you play tricks with followers and fail to meet your end of the bargain after running a contest.

Whether running contests to grow your network fails to deliver results or not, you can try out other tricks like free holidays to see whether you can appeal to more people. All this is dependent on the type of niche you choose to focus on. To achieve impressive results, just ensure you collaborate with brands and influencers that are relevant to your niche.

#7. Product Promotion

Influencer marketing heavily relies on product promotion to thrive. The good thing about the concept is that it helps you build your community. Once you associate with or mention big brands in your network, other brands are likely to see you as a credible influencer and recommend you to new advertisers.

With consistent promotions, you stand a chance to establish a strong online portfolio and not only grow your network but also generate impressive income from advertisers.


The success of Instagram influencer marketing heavily relies on the quality of content you share with the target market. The more active and consistent you are the higher the chances you are likely to grow your audience and attract more advertisers.

While the concepts shared in this article guarantee good results, blending many strategies offers an ultimate solution in your quest to become an established influencer.

With many brands now relying on influencers to widen the scope of their audience and improve conversions, the importance of influencer marketing in the digital marketing environment can not be underscored.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing:  How Does it work?

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