Kinirgra the Deon’s Net Worth 


Kinigra Deon is a famous YouTube star. She started making videos in 2013 and since then she has had over 2 million subscribers to her channel. Her channel has also gathered more than 518 million views.


Her parents, Roman Willy, and Mesha Deon were successful businessmen. 

Early life  

Kinigra Deon was born on 28, November 1988, in Birmingham, Alabama, in a very rich family. During her childhood, she spent time with her elder sisters. 

In her early years, Kinigra was a chemist. But she decided to pursue a career in fashion. She worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist before becoming a famous Youtuber. In addition to that, she has also been a model.


She graduated from the University of Alabama Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. 


Before her fame, Kinigra had a difficult life. She struggled hard to build a good career. Afterward, she became famous through her own titled YouTube channel. In her videos, she creates comedic routines featuring her family members. On her account, she also shares pictures of her and her boyfriend, Reggie Washington, on various occasions.

Later, she became an aspiring actress. At that time, she has been a part of many modeling assignments. With her great skills in modeling, she got more exposure and eventually landed a job in a fashion house. She is a model, actress, and social media star. Despite her popularity, she has not disclosed her real name. When asked about her age, she replies that she is 34.

Net worth 

As a result of her success, Kinigra has been able to earn a handsome amount of money. It has been reported that she makes around $1.5 million per year. However, this figure is based on ad revenue earned on her videos. Therefore, the exact value of her net worth is yet to be calculated.

Recently, she launched an online boutique. Also, she offers style consultation services to her fans.

As a result of her career, she has managed to acquire a modest amount of wealth. However, her true net worth is still a secret. If she manages to increase her ad revenues on her videos, the estimated value of her net worth can be quite high. This is why fans need to find out more about her net worth.

Social media 

Kinigra Deon has a huge fan following on different social media platforms. Aside from her YouTube channel, Kinigra Deon is very popular on social media and has been able to collect millions of followers on her YouTube and Tik Tok channels. She is also very popular on Facebook, where she has more than one million followers.


Kinigra Deon is in a relationship with her boyfriend Reggie Washington, with Washington’s very beautiful daughter named Kamila. Currently, Kinigra lives in Los Angeles, California, with her family. 


Besides her YouTube and Tik Tok channels, Kinigra has also started her own e-commerce business. Her company, House of Aparaa, sells clothes. Previously, she has done brand shoots and style consultations for various clients.


In conclusion, Kinigra Deon has made a name for herself as a YouTuber. Her creativity and unique style have enabled her to reach millions of fans around the world. Through her career, she has been able to share her personal stories and authentically struggles with the world. Her success story demonstrates that hard work, dedication, and creativity can create great rewards for those who pursue their dreams. 

Kinirgra the Deon’s Net Worth 

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