Lea-Sophie Cramer Net Worth

Lea-Sophie Cramer Net Worth

She is a German entrepreneur. How rich is Lea-Sophie Cramer?

Entrepreneur. Born on April 16, 1987 in Berlin, Germany. Lea-Sophie Cramer net worth is estimated at around 5 million euros. Together with Sebastian Pollok, she founded the online retailer and manufacturer of sex toys, Amorelie, in 2013. In 2016, the business magazine Forbes ranked her among the “30 under 30 in Europe”, the leading young entrepreneurs in Europe.

Full name: Lea-Sophie Cramer
Lea-Sophie Cramer Size: 1.65 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 2010
Training: University of Mannheim (2009)

What is Lea-Sophie Cramer’s net worth?

Lea-Sophie Cramer’s net worth is currently € 5 million.

Established organization:
Is also often searched for: Sebastian Pollok, Verena Pausder, Janin Ullmann, Lena Gercke.

More About Lea-Sophie Cramer

The Net Worth of Lea-Sophie Cramer is estimated to be 5 million euros. She has founded an online toy retailer with Sebastian Pollok and has built up her net-worth to date. In 2013, Forbes named her as one of the “30 under 30 in Europe.” Her other names include Verena Pausder, Janin Ullmann, and Lea-Sophie.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lea-Sophie Cramer is gaining a lot of attention. Her two-year-old daughter, Lea-Sophie, is one of her biggest fans. She is also working on a new venture that will focus on female startup leadership. She is the co-founder of OMR, an app for women that is focused on helping women build their own businesses.

Cramer has a lot of success in her career. She is the founder of the OMR Podcast, and she is the CEO of Sextoy. She also owns a share in Amorelie, a company that focuses on female leadership in startup companies. She says that she will continue to be a guiding force for the company and will take a year off from the business world. During that time, she plans to invest in herself and learn new things.

In addition to her business, Cramer is an investor in several startups. She is a director at Amorelie, and owns 28% of Pro Sieben Sat 1. Her shares in Amorelie are valued at more than a billion Euros. Her net worth is estimated to be about $5 million, and her shares are worth nearly two percent of the company’s revenue. Her shares are mostly in the form of investments.

Her business experience is significant. She is a former Sextoy employee who launched Amorelie in January 2013. The company was founded by Sebastian Pollok, and Cramer led the company until 2020. She still owns a minority stake. The company has more than 400 employees in Germany. Besides, Cramer is the owner of Amorelie. She has a share in Amorelie’s sextoys in DM, and a portion of the company in the Austrian market.

Her diversified wealth comes from several sources. She has invested in a number of companies, including Amorelie and Sextoy. Among her other investments are ProSieben Sat 1 and OMR. Both companies are growing quickly, and Cramer’s shares in the two brands will grow. Those are all three of her main investments. Moreover, she owns a share of a few other companies.

Her Net Worth is estimated at €300,000. The CEO role is part of her role at ProSieben, where she holds a stake of 2,18 percent. She has also been the CEO of Sextoy and OMR. Her net worth is high, and she is currently focused on promoting female-led startups. Her own personal wealth is very high, with her many investments in Amorelie.

Her entrepreneurship is also evident in her investments. As a co-founder of OMR, she has invested in a number of startups. Her investments in Amorelie are a majority of her own net worth. She owns a stake in ProSieben Sat 1. Despite her extensive business experience, Lea-Sophie Cramer’s philanthropy will continue to grow.

As a co-founder of Amorelie, Cramer is the founder and CEO of the company. She owns a minority stake in the company, but she will continue to be a key figure in the company’s operations. Her net worth is estimated to be around 3.5 million dollars. As a co-founder of Amorelies, Cramer has a stake in the e-commerce platform Amorelie.

In the media, Cramer is best known for her work as a founder of Amorelie. In the early days, Cramer helped build Rocket’s international division. She later went on to launch her own erotica website, Amorelie, which she sold to ProSiebenSat.1 in March 2015. While her career has flourished in the media, she has been working as an entrepreneur.

In addition to her e-commerce ventures, she is also involved in a range of other fields. She has recently sold her sex shop Amorelie to a German TV broadcaster. The company was sold to a TV station for a few million euros and her shares rose to a million dollars. In addition to her sexy business, Cramer is also involved in judging business ideas on television programs like “Das Ding des Jahres” (the ‘ding of the year).

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Lea-Sophie Cramer Net Worth

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