League of Legends Skins New Update

league of legends skins new update 53307

League of Legends allows players to earn and use skins for their favorite characters. These skins can be purchased in the marketplace and their price varies depending on how many riot points they need. For instance, the Epic skin costs 1350 riot points. However, the base skin costs only 1110 riot points, while the Chroma bundles start at 3340 riot points. It would cost you $40 for this new update, but you would also receive the base and champion skins, both of which would normally cost you more than a thousand riot points.

Fortunately, the game is still releasing new champion skins in the game. Riot has announced 140 new skins for 2020. The company has also begun to add new lines to existing skin lines. It is unclear when the next prestige skin will arrive, but players can start looking forward to it.

League of Legends Skins New Update
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