Leavell Poodles – How to Spot a Bloated Pooch

If you have always wanted a poodle but have never been able to decide which breed to buy, you might want to consider purchasing a leavell poodle. These dogs are very affectionate and full-of-personality. They enjoy being the center attention and are happy to please their owners, which is a rare breed. If you’re unsure what to look out for in your pet, keep reading to learn how to spot a bloated dog.

Aside from their beautiful, fluffy coat, poodles can be prone to skin problems, such as sebaceous adenitis. Dry skin and hair loss are two symptoms. This condition usually develops in the puppy stage and continues to progress each year. This disorder can manifest as sneezing, frequent ear infections, and licking their faces or paws. Your veterinarian can recommend treatment if your dog is suspected of having atopy.

The AKC recognizes three sizes of poodles. These dogs are classified into standard, miniature, and Moyen. Each size has its own unique traits. As a result, there are many different breeds of poodles to choose from. While these dogs are great companions for many people, the size of an AKC-certified dog is not essential for making a great pet. AKC certification is a good way to ensure that your dog is bred responsibly.

Leavell Poodles – How to Spot a Bloated Pooch
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