5 Essential LMS Reports & Tools Every Corporate Training Pro Needs

LMS Reports & Tools Every Corporate Training Pro Needs

Enterprise-level reporting features and tools are essential, especially when you are selecting a learning management system such as Performance Pro. But, larger firms might face the challenge of prioritizing the LMS reporting features over other requirements. Reporting features that are often tagged necessary might include: 

  • Follow all security and safety regulations.
  • Provide information to a variety of audiences with different training requirements.
  • Provide important clients with consumable data.
  • Track the return on investment of corporate training.
  • Track employee engagement.

These features create a foundation when there are so many LMS reporting tools to consider. Many reporting standards are completely original. You’ll be better equipped to meet compliance standards, interact with clients, and improve corporate training to boost growth.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important LMS reporting features to look for when selecting a corporate LMS.

1. Compliance management 

Keep records of compliance training, specify certification expiry dates to automate upgrades, and assign programs that employees must complete in order to stay compliant.

Not every compliant employee is well-trained, but every well-trained employee is compliant. You’ll have the resources you need including an LMS to get learning information at your employees’ fingertips while also assisting them in quickly adapting to new rules and regulations.

2. Non-admins receive automated customized reports

When was the last time your department or company changed its reporting or corporate training to follow new rules?

Reporting and corporate training systems are important to fulfill new regional compliance rules involving security and reliability. Appropriate reports can be prepared for non-administrative internal and external users. They can be retrieved instantly, thanks to customized reporting and hierarchical features.

These reports are for the entire site. They can gather and reveal crucial data needed to monitor compliance, skills, and training services across a complete organization, rather than focusing on one course.

3. Reminders and staff engagement

Devoting time to complete necessary compliance training in a big firm is an issue. It needs to be resolved to avoid fines connected with non-compliance. This is simple to achieve with an LMS report. Like with Performance Pro, you can use the Course Members report to track active learning and online learners who are lagging behind on crucial training tasks.

4. Reports of activities

The Activities Report displays the last time an activity was accessed as well as the views it received.

This LMS monitoring feature allows you to swiftly track progress, make major decisions, and pinpoint obstacles in your corporate training courses by highlighting which activity is most – or least – popular.

5. Reports on the dashboard and navigating shortcuts

It’s good to be able to quickly access data via data reports and charts. However, for busy consumers, creating or navigating between numerous reports can be too complex or time-consuming.

But what if you can put the most popular and important reports on the website to make them more visible to the people? You can do so by using the report and graph elements.

Dashboards make life easier for online learners, administrators, and customers once they’ve been set up. When users check in, they are greeted by a personalized, and adjustable navigation section.

Several dashboards can be created to offer different navigation options to multiple users. For example, you can construct various dashboards for key roles in any system to give them quick access to data and functionality.


Prioritizing the critical corporate LMS reporting features and tools listed above ensures the efficiency of your corporate training programs. These features are transforming tools. They help large firms to enhance corporate training success and maintain compliance. They also help efficiently transition to digitization and monitor employee performance.


5 Essential LMS Reports & Tools Every Corporate Training Pro Needs

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