Logan Or Jake Paul – Who’s a Better Boxer?

After a few weeks of rumors and slam dunks, the debate has reached a head: Who’s a better boxer: Logan or Jake? The question isn’t really answered by either man’s credentials, or by the results of his recent boxing matches. We’ll be discussing the important differences between them in this article.

Joe Rogan argues that Jake Paul is a better boxer than Logan Paul. Logan Paul may be more athletic, but Jake Paul is a much better boxer than Logan Paul. That’s why he knocked out Tyron Woodley with one punch. Rogan claims Woodley should have been given more time to prepare for the fight. Jake Paul was also able to show off his boxing skills in that fight.

In the past, Logan had the better amateur record, but his most memorable fight was against Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition. Although Mayweather lost the fight by KO but his performance was not stellar, the bout was promoted as entertainment for the general public. In contrast, Jake ran his pro record to 4-0 with a decision win over Tyrone Woodley. Both Logan and Jake have their loyal fans, but it is still not clear which boxer is better.

Despite their differences Jake Paul has an impressive track record and fought Roy Robinson undercard of Mike Tyson Jr. vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight on Nov. 28. In the second round, he knocked Robinson unconscious. Jake has made it known that he will challenge Conor McGregor in the near future. Evander Holyfield is also open to Jake. Jake’s opponent may prove to be an intriguing match-up.

Logan Or Jake Paul – Who’s a Better Boxer?
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