The Benefits of Ocean Freight For Long Distance Shipping

Long Distance Shipping

Did you know that almost 12 billion tons of cargo were shipped globally in the year 2019?

Long-distance shipping is the preferred method for shipping cargo in bulk across international waters. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way of transporting goods from one country to another.

But did you know that long-distance shipping provides a ton of other benefits to you and your business on top of those? Not only is it the best of the shipping options when it comes to the environment, but it is also the safest option for shipping products.

Continue reading to learn about the top benefits that your business will see from working with a long-distance shipping company.

Long-Distance Shipping Is Economical

Are you looking at the best way to ship your cargo or products without destroying your business’s bottom line? Look no farther than long-distance shipping.

Long-distance shipping provides the most economical shipping option for transporting products overseas. While shipping items by air might seem faster, it comes at a cost.

Opting for long-distance shipping through the air is expensive. It costs as much as six times more than using ocean freight forwarding. It is the most cost-effective way of getting your products where they need to go for the least amount of money.


Another great benefit that you’ll see from working with long-distance shipping is that they provide an efficient service. It doesn’t matter how large or bulky your shipment is. They’ll find a way to accommodate your shipping needs.

If you have a smaller amount of cargo, a freight forwarder will have it placed in the same shipping container as other loads that they’re shipping. This allows you to share the cost of shipping with those other companies.

If you have a large amount of cargo that you’re shipping, a freight forwarder will offer great pricing options since you’re shipping in bulk. It’s for these reasons that ocean freight forwarding services are the shipping method of choice for many businesses.

Cargo Capabilities

If the products that you’re shipping are large or oversized, long-distance shipping companies will help. These types of cargo normally come in the form of large vehicles. Construction materials and heavy-duty construction equipment are also common.

These items tend to be too large for shipping via air or over land, but ocean freight handles shipping them with zero issues.


Another benefit that you’ll see when working with an ocean freight forwarding company is that it is the safest shipping method. Cargo ships are designed to handle and ship dangerous and hazardous cargoes.

The freight forwarding service is experienced and well versed in handling cargoes of that nature. There are also safety regulations in place on the ship to accommodate hazardous cargo. These regulations protect the ship, the crew, and the environment.

These regulations mean that your goods are much less likely to be lost due to maritime accidents. You’re able to depend on your goods arriving on time and intact at their destination.

Environmentally Friendly

Of all of the most popular shipping methods, ocean freight shipping is the least harmful to the environment. Air shipping emits a much higher level of carbon emissions into the air when compared to ocean shipping.

Ships are the most carbon-efficient option for transporting goods and products over long distances. This is because they produce the least amount of carbon per ton shipped than any other shipping method available.

The best part of this is that technology increases are lowering the amount o carbon that ships emit even further. This is a major win for the environment as well as for your business.

Tracking Systems

When it comes to choosing ocean freight forwarding for transporting goods, your cargo will not arrive overnight. It will take time for the cargo to make its way to the final destination.

The good news is that by choosing ocean freight as your long-distance shipping method, you’ll get the best racking systems for monitoring the shipping progress.

This will give you peace of mind from knowing exactly where your products and goods are in their journey to the final destination. It is also valuable to your business. You’ll be able to provide your customers and clients with accurate timelines for your products arriving.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing ocean freight forwarding is the level of security that your goods are shipped with. You’ll know that your goods are in reliable and trusted hands during their journey abroad.

You can also rest assured that any fragile goods or products are handled with the utmost level of care. Long-distance shipping companies have all of the tools and resources needed. They make sure that everything arrives intact when transporting goods.

Accurate Documentation

One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to international shipping is the importance of having the right documents. This aspect is frustrating and overwhelming. It can harm your business due to banks putting a hold on the money you’re making from the transaction.

By choosing to use ocean freight forwarding you eliminate that stressor from your life. The long-distance shipping company handles all of the documentation for you. This ensures that there are no lengthy delays when your products are delivered to their final destination.

By using an ocean freight forwarding service, you’re eliminating that concern. You’re ensuring that your cargo complies with all of the laws at the port where it is delivered.

Make Long-Distance Shipping Work for You

When you’re running a company that works internationally, long-distance shipping is vital for your success. Whether you’re purchasing goods from overseas and having them shipped to you or shipping your products to international customers, ocean freight forwarding provides a ton of benefits.

They’re the most economical and environmentally-friendly option for shipping products. They also provide great tracking systems and will ensure that your goods arrive safely at their final destination.

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The Benefits of Ocean Freight For Long Distance Shipping

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