Ludwig Hofmaier fortune

Ludwig Hofmaier is a German businessman, former gymnast and actor. How rich is Ludwig Hofmaier?

Businessman. Born on December 8, 1941 in Saal an der Donau, Germany. Ludwig Hofmaier fortune is estimated at around 4 million euros. He attended a secondary school. He achieved the rank of sergeant in the armed forces. Hofmaier was Bavarian gymnastics champion in 1961 and won the Upper Palatinate championship six times. According to media reports, Hofmaier was German gymnastics champion. He is considered to be the first German to have mastered the “Yamashita jump” (combined with gymnast Haruhiro Yamashita). He has lived in Offenburg since the early 1970s, where he established himself as an antique dealer.

Bourgeois name: Ludwig Hofmaier
Nickname: Handstand lucki
Ludwig Hofmaier size: 1.55 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1961

What is Ludwig Hofmaier’s net worth?
Ludwig Hofmaier’s assets are currently € 4 million.

He now ran three pubs: the “Kongo-Bar” on Neupfarrplatz, the “Aquarium” in Pfarrergasse and the “Arco-Bräu-Stuben” in Adolf-Schmetzer-Straße.
Is also often searched for: Fabian Kahl, Susanne Steiger, Julian Schmitz-Avila, Heide Rezepa-Zabel.

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Ludwig Hofmaier fortune

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