Manchester City Players Wages

Earlier this season it was reported that Man City were considering cutting the wages of their star players. Rishi Sunak (the Chancellor) confirmed that the government will continue its wage subsidy program until October. However, the government’s latest announcement has raised fears that the players could accept a 30% to 25% wage cut before next season. Fortunately, City still have contract clauses and bonuses to pay. During this period, some players may be willing to accept a wage cut.

Manchester City players’ salaries vary from one player to the next, with some earning significantly less than others. For the next six years, Grealish will earn PS300,000. A week, up from 120 000 at Aston Villa. Meanwhile, Foden will earn PS30k a week. Both players can expect better deals. What are the wages of Manchester City players? Let’s find the answer. The following table shows the various amounts that players earn at Manchester City.

The highest paid Manchester City player is Kevin De Bruyne. According to reports, this Englishman has agreed to a six year contract worth PS25million per week. This would triple Foden’s current wage. Despite this, there are still rumors that the Manchester United manager is willing to pay Paul Pogba’s huge wage demands. This could lead to the departure of many of Manchester City’s star players.

Phil Foden, a highly-rated teenager, earns PS30k a week at Manchester City. David Silva also earns PS4m per year. Foden’s wages are also on the rise. After the summer transfer window, Foden’s wages will skyrocket as the club’s scouts try to make him more valuable to the club. So, what is the average Manchester City player’s salary?

The average player makes PS30k per semaine, while the highest-paid player makes PS100k each week. This is an unsustainable level of pay for a player who has already won PS20m. In the event of a pandemic, the nation could suffer a 14 per cent fall in GDP. City will pay Cavani a PS100k per week to keep him around. It’s therefore not surprising that they would like to keep Cavani.

Manchester City’s transfer fees are record breaking, but the money that is paid to players is always changing. It seems like the best option for both parties is to keep the players happy, and to make sure that they stay at the club for a long time. The new players will make the money. So, what can you expect from your players? And where can you find out the truth about Manchester City’s player wages? Spotrac data is not 100% accurate.

The big question is: Are the Manchester City players really worth the money? They have spent over PS200 million this summer on new players including David Silva, Danilo, Kyle Walker, and Benjamin Mendy. If they sign two more players, the squad could reach PS600 million by 2020. And they’ve already signed three in the current window – Jack Grealish, Julian Alvarez, and Kayky. None of these players has been sold for less that EUR100m.

Manchester City Players Wages
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