Manufacturing Jobs Require Skilled Training, Even with Automated Machines

Manufacturing Jobs Require Skilled Training

It’s understandable that people hear “automation” and imagine machines working by themselves in a factory without any human employees. In reality, even factories that do have a lot of automated equipment need operators alongside them.

Many processes can’t be fulfilled without trained employees, and training courses that teach factory workers how to operate automated machinery and software will be better positioned for the future of manufacturing.

Let’s take a closer look at what CMM machine training looks like and why it benefits both employers and employees.


Often, the leading metrology dealerships offer the best CMM training online and on-site, as they’ve been in the industry for decades and have vast experience with it. PC-DMIS is the leading measurement software, and it’s used in factories across the world.

You need hands-on CMM training to give your operators the knowledge and confidence to get the most from this equipment possible. Look for a program that offers CAD++ for levels 1, 2, and 3, so workers with all levels of experience get the training they need to boost their skills.


It’s easy to learn the world’s fastest-growing metrology platform when you have the best CMM dealers as your teachers. Need to know how to operate software for equipment like the Romer or FARO Arms & Leica Trackers? Choose an interactive course that teaches you to incorporate laser scanning and probing into inspection plans and generate easy-to-read reports.

More advanced courses teach new and experienced students the PolyWorks CNC CMM interface, so they can write and execute a complete PolyWorks CMM program via probing or laser scanning. The PolyWorks Modeler courses are an advanced 3D reverse engineering add-on to the PolyWorks metrology suite, teaching the complete reverse engineering workflow starting from gathering scan data to generating a 3D CAD model.

E-Learning Options

Sometimes, pre-recorded E-Learning options are perfect for introducing concepts to new workers or as a refresher for those with more experience. The best metrology dealerships offer video courses that workers can take at their leisure, at home or in the workplace, wherever they’re most comfortable.

These video lessons are on-demand, easy to use, and fully interactive. They come with quizzes, so students are held accountable for what they learn and really absorb it all.

Such lessons are a fantastic way to cross-train employees within the same department, advance throughput, and optimize equipment use. Whether you work on the factory floor and looking to boost your skills to remain more hirable for the future, or you’re a manufacturer who wants to improve training to achieve better results today, investing in CMM training is a fantastic approach.

It’s crucial to be ready for the point where the knowledge economy and automation intersect, and that means ample training for the equipment that will keep driving the industry forward. CMM machines have played an enormous role in helping to make factories more efficient and competitive in a globalized world, and training your employees in them is a fundamentally sound approach.

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Manufacturing Jobs Require Skilled Training, Even with Automated Machines

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